Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar–Episode 1 Review: It’s History, but Fantasy? Or Something?

Honestly, this show seems to be lacking in setting us up for pretty much anything as of episode one. Sure, I get it, it’s the introductory episode, but what did we learn about our main characters? Well, let’s get into that.

The main protagonist: Yuuto. Summoned to the world of Yggdrasil by some mage lady named Felicia. Cool. We’re thrown directly into a conversation about and upcoming battle as Felicia comes out of a lake and Yuuto is scrolling through his smartphone. Crap…main guy summoned to a world with his smartphone?

Yuuto and Felicia
Yuuto trying to look cool. Felicia is care-free


Oh! But he’s looking at a thing called a phalanx! Cool, there’s history built into this show, which I actually enjoy (being a history buff and all that was pretty cool). Alas, it’s like he’s cheating the system. We get a history lesson about two men who used the phalanx, Alexander the Great and Oda Nobunaga (yes, yes they did use that formation, cool).

We get some talk about a patriarch, which is cliche and all, strongest guy leading people, patriarch of a family, okay….

However, that’s about all we get that has much of anything worth talking about here. The show then just takes weird turns.

Turn 1: Battle Time!

Turn 2: They have iron…in the Bronze Age. Uh….great way to over-power the main character’s forces. UGH!

Turn 3: Second lady comes into play! She’s a warrior! She’s super badass and has awesome hair and fierce eyes! Her name is Sigrun

sigrun strongest wolf
Sigrun! She’s actually pretty awesome looking

Turn 4: Felicia has magic! Ope…she called Yuuto “Big Brother”

Turn 5: Sigrun ends the battle and comes up to Yuuto and Felicia. Calls Yuuto “Father”

Wait, what? Okay, we’re getting nothing out of this at all. Weird titles like Father and Big Brother, some magic, a cheating main character…YAWN! Next?

Sigrun head pat
I knew I would find this somewhere…*pats head* so cute

We’re meeting the Horn Clan patriarch! A young girl named Linnea. Yuuto asks her to become his child. *groan*…she refuses that. Yuuto asks her to become his “Little Sister” *more groan* This show is giving us nothing new. It’s a harem…again, in this season. The second harem anime I’m reviewing. Awesome…

Linnea master of ragnarok
Linnea, become my little sister? Wait, what?

Stereotypical boobs in face and sex talk follow this stuff, and we really don’t get much out of the show. A fourth female character is introduced–Ingrid, who uses Yuuto’s name (thank you), but after that we’re just given some ceremony to unite the Wolf and Horn clans.

sexual tension master of ragnarok
GAH!! Sexual tension harem anime stuff…

Oh, and Yuuto used his phone to call his real-life sister. Uh…how? That makes no sense. How does he have cell service in 2000 BC? That shouldn’t be a thing, but realism is gone so whatever I guess.

This ceremony to unite the Wolf and Horn clans means more than blood ties, too. So it’s like when people would send their daughters off to other kingdoms to form bonds of allegiance with the king/ruler/whomever? Okay, history is still a thing here, but that’s like, all we’ve gotten so far.

The show ends with the Oath of the Chalice (Allegiance) ceremony, but all we got was a main character who has ungodly information to crush his enemies and advancements in technology that shouldn’t be around for the time period he’s in.

master of ragnarok oath of the chalice
Drink with me, it’ll be stronger than a blood bond!


There’s also another character named Ingrid who shows up. She works in the kingdom’s forge, making iron weapons and whatever else it is that Yuuto wants done. It’s a brief meeting, but adds more to the harem I guess. Plus we get to see Yuuto act normal(ish) around another person. AND SHE’S THE ONLY ONE TO CALL HIM YUUTO!!!

ingrid master of ragnarok
Not sure how I feel about Ingrid

Okay, I know I got a bit carried away with this review, but nothing about this show hooked me aside from the historical aspects. It felt generic in almost every way. We have the over-powered main character, the sexual tension scene/scenes, the fantasy elements, and the harem-esque portions. This feels like a mish-mash of whatever sounded kind of cool to the creator thrown into a bowl and stirred until it was “ready.” Overall, an underwhelming, unappealing first episode.

If anyone has seen this show and wants to comment your own thoughts let me know! I’m really open to discussion about these things!


Thanks for reading!

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