Harukana Receive–Episode 2 Review: A Bodacious Bod and Melodrama

Well, uh…yeah, turns out in my episode 1 review I was calling Haruka the wrong name–apparently she was Haruna instead, so sorry about that. Now that I’ve realized the mistake I’ll keep it correct. Anyway, on to the episode review!!


Where to start….uh…the beginning, I guess. We’re given a flashback right away. The bright colors that we saw throughout episode one are gone and it’s muted shades of blue, which is a dead give away that this isn’t what’s actually happening. I actually liked this animation choice because it differentiates the real-time events from past events. So good job Harukana Receive.

What we do get is very important to the episode, though. Kanata is playing with Narumi. A serve goes up and Kanata steps out of the way. Narumi, being athletic as hell, goes for it. But like, Kanata gave up. Things in episode one are starting to make sense now.

After the flashback We don’t get much of anything through this episode, though. So, what do we get? Well, we get Haruka! Literally we are given so much fan service. Haruka and Kanata are practicing for their upcoming match, so we see a lot of Haruka’s butt and her boobs. Jiggle jiggle. Bounce.

Harukana receive haruka but
Dat booty

After the practice we see Kamekichi! Oh the adorable turtle Kamekichi! Thank you for breaking up this fan service Haruka fest.

Wait, nope, never mind. We’re back to Haruka. She’s trying to fix her suit. Boobs… A butt shot!! And Kanata is blushing while it’s in her face! Woo! Or…ugh. I don’t really know.

Harukana receive Kanata butt stare
What do I think? I think you butt is absolutely adorable!–quote from Crunchyroll

harukana receive haruka boob jiggle


Next: Full body shot of Haruka in her altered swimsuit. Nice. And the two girls are practicing. Haruka is learning something called a cut shot.

Kanata flashback happens and it’s the opening we saw. She’s afraid and says she ran away. Poor Kanata…

I think the most important part of the episode happens after this flashback. Haruka goes for a morning run and meets Ayasa. The two talk for a bit and Ayasa tells her not to pair up with Kanata. Apparently Kanata isn’t cut out for beach volleyball.

harukana receive ayasa talking to haruka
She looks so sad

Well, Haruka basically says thanks but screw you and smiles. Aww, that’s so adorable. She’s so bubbly about it, too, which is actually nice. I liked that. She’s willing to keep trying and go for it with someone she just heard bad things about. Good girl Haruka! Woop!!

harukana receive ayasa rude
So mean… 😦

Match Time:

Oh, wait, Kanata is wearing the swimsuit she and Narumi used to wear when the played together. What is she trying to say here?!? Why do that?

Okay, now match time:

  1. Super serious Narumi=super serious serves
  2. All serves go to Haruka
  3. Cut shot when Haruka finally gets a clean receive
  4. Narumi saves cut shot
  5. BUILT UP MOMENT!!! Kanata Receives A Serve!!!
  6. Narumi is frozen…Kanata’s receive has stunned her

Melodrama wins again people! Like…come on now, it’s a receive, and you know she’s played before, so why are you freaking out. UGH!!

After the match two things happen: 1) There’s an odd talk between Haruka and Kanata about Kanata’s pairing with Narumi (which we’ve already established and both characters already know, so what’s the actual point it saying to between characters? It’s not like Haruka didn’t notice, right? Or maybe she didn’t? She’s pretty derpy…) and 2) Narumi cries while Ayasa holds her from behind and asks why she couldn’t get Kanata to smile and play like Haruka can. MELODRAMA ALERT! MELODRAMA ALERT!

harukana receive narumi crying
Partners being supportive! Let the tears flow Narumi!! 😥

That’s basically it. The episode ends and what I really have to say is this: FAN SERVICE GALORE with a hint of melodrama. But it was actually some pretty good fan service if I do say so myself. Haruka’s got a smokin’ hot bod. (LOL)

episode 2 thoughts scene
So much fan service!!!

haruka butt slap gif

Oh, but before I go: Kamekichi the Turtle sightings this episode=3 (or 4 depending on if you considering the third/fourth two separate occasions)



Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Harukana Receive–Episode 2 Review: A Bodacious Bod and Melodrama

    1. Right now I think I’m living for the turtle service with this show. It’s pretty slow considering the amount of information we could have gotten through two episodes, and the relationships seem shoddy at best, but I assume it will get better through the season.


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