How Not to Summon a Demon Lord–Episode 2 Review: Slow, Generic, What’s New?

I’m starting to lose the hope I had for the shows I decided to watch and review this season. Is it just me or are we not getting anything new, outgoing, intriguing, and worthwhile this season? Maybe it’s just the shows I’m watching. *SIGH*…..*SIGHS AGAIN* While I won’t be dropping any of the stuff I’m reviewing, because I made a promise to myself, it’s just frustrating.

Demon Lord episode 2…doesn’t do much. Ugh. What I can say about this episode, though, is that it forces (and I mean it literally forces) the story to continue. And that’s not good.

To start, though, we get the generic protag-wakes-up-in-world-and-realizes-it-wasn’t-a-dream thing. He (because it’s always a he) fumbles around a little, and great, the story can continue.

diablo boob grab ep 2 open
Oh so soft…*squeeze*

But Demon Lord takes the harem aspect forward and loses what could have been something more grounded into a failed comedic sequence of boob grabbing both female characters. It doesn’t end well for our main character, but that seems obvious.

Next? There’s talk about levels, because what would this MMORPG-world anime be without level talk? Cat-girl is level 40, Elf girl Shera is like level 30. What’s more groan-worthy about this episode is Diablo is too strong for the Mage’s Association of the town to register properly. He basically breaks their level-assessing magic mirror. There was a not-so-funny comedy moment where he sliced his finger for a blood seal and it just went everywhere while he over-reacted, but yeah…

demon lord blood seal
So much blood

Woohoo! An over-powered main character is still being poorly fleshed out.

Well, QUEST TIME! Because fantasy MMORPG anime. That means quests, right? Right. Gotta go kill some thing in the swampy forest area. Off Diablo, Rem, and Shera L. Greenwood go! (Why is it always Shera L. Greenwood? Why not just Shera? *see below*)

AMBUSH! Well, sort of. Diablo doesn’t let it happen. Her decides to burn a section of the forest down after finding out there’s people out in the trees.

demon lord forest ambush
You so smart, Diablo 🙂

Fight Time? Meh…not really. Elves show up. Wait, they know Shera? Okay, an actual plot point is happening?

Shera L. Greenwood. Princess of the Greenwood Kingdom. They want her to come home and rule (or at least be with their ruler). Oh, Shera is her own person and can make her own decisions? Classic fantasy anime I’m-not-a-slave-to-my-kingdom stuff happening here, everyone. Nothing new here. You can go.

Diablo freezes a gigantic section of the forest they’re in after being attacked by archers (because elves are always archers…). Well, yeah, nothing hurt him, not even some special arrow. Diablo wins because Diablo is OP. Great.

Diablo freezes forest
So first he burns the forest, now he’s freezing it? 

The episode then went to a talk between Shera and Diablo. That “accidentally” turned sexual so why not roll with it, right? Because that’s the thing to do with these harem shows.


It ended with a slap from Cat-girl Rem. So, we’re getting some character development? Maybe? Rem was pissed at Diablo? Was she jealous about having a smaller chest than Shera? Who knows. The episode ended.


Bad again. Just…bad. It’s slow, feels super drawn out, and things aren’t really being hit on as much as I thought they would. We’ve barely gotten any character development, and I guess we now have two “secrets” about the girls Diablo has traveling with him, so we have things to play off with each character now. Especially the information we got about Rem in episode one. I just don’t know if the show can actually pull it off…

I’ll sum up episode 2 right here:

Diablo wakes up and grabs boobs, but doesn’t know what he’s feeling. Characters wake up and freak out. There’s talk about levels (because MMORPG) and they are tested for strength. Quest time. A main character is a princess. Princess can make her own choices. Diablo fights subordinates of the princess and is OP. Sexual tension and a slap.


Boobs. Because boobs. That’s the show. The show is boobs.



Okay, I’ll catch you all in my next review!

Thanks for reading!




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