The Master of Ragnarok and Blesser of Einherjar–Episode 2 Review: FIGHT! Wait, that’s it?

*Sigh* I should have expected this, but I didn’t because I was hopeful. Why am I always hopeful?

Okay, Ragnarok episode 2 doesn’t do anything. And I almost mean that in every single sense I can. To start the episode, we get a shot of Linnea naked, and then she grabs a towel, or a robe, and says “Big Brother please” like three times. AND CUT!

linnea towel scene
Yep, this is how it starts…she’s stripping

Next scene: FIGHT! We’re on the battlefield, or a camp at least, of the Hoof Clan. Oh, look! Sigrun is on a horse leading a cavalry charge!

Next scene: We’re back to Linnea on a throne getting a report. Now we get some explanation of what stirrups are–because new technology. So at least this episode is educational…I guess?

A massive army of Wolf Clan soldiers shows up! Woohoo! Yuuto is here to defend the Horn Clan! And he quotes Sun Tzu. “Big Brother you’re so smart!”–Felicia, or Linnea, honestly I didn’t care enough to write down who said that. Because the Big Brother thing is still odd to me and I don’t like it.

Hoof Clan and Battlefield again…

Wolf Clan spears

Oh, Yuuto says something about how he’s “cheating” again as he watches his phalanx formation fight against the Hoof soldiers. Wonderful, so where is this even going? We’ve spent like ten minutes doing nothing but fight and learn about stirrups. I guess apparently the patriarch of the Hoof Clan found the phalanx’s weakness quicker than Yuuto thought, though. Not that it matters because uh…Wolf Clan has iron?

Sigrun attacks the Hoof patriarch with cavalry! Wonderful. Sigrun and the Hoof patriarch exchange names! Because that’s a thing in older warfare, right? BUT WAIT! They’re both using iron weapons! OOOHHH!!! AN EVEN FIGHT!! YES!!

Sigrun killed you bro
Patriarch is big and strong? Nah..

Wait, no, never mind. Sigrun has a katana. The katana slices through the pike or spear, or whatever it’s fighting against. Sigrun wins a lackluster fight after what could have been called intense buildup.

The battle is over. AND CUT! SCENE! THAT’S A WRAP!

Or is it? Well, sort of. The episode continues into a bath scene with Yuuto, Sigrun, Linnea, and Felicia. Queue stereotypical harem anime song?

bath scene yuuto
Yay, harem stuff!

Linnea asks Yuuto to marry him…out of freaking nowhere! I guess that answers a possible question from the opening?

Next scene: Marriage talks. Linnea goes into a shoddy backstory about her life, and who becomes patriarch of her clan, and something about her father naming her patriarch instead of the “strongest” person (who usually gets it).

That scene ends there and we don’t get anything, we really haven’t gotten anything out of this entire episode. What’s the point here? I’m so….bored. Ugh. Anyway, we go back to Felicia and Yuuto and Felicia says “Now I can go home without worrying.” She’s referencing the phone call Yuuto made in episode 1. Awesome! We’ve got a small subplot going! Or, at least the beginning of a subplot? This is good right? Right? UGH….

The episode ends with talk about who Yuuto has defeated…but it comes from some red haired guy we’ve never seen before. And then he smiles. And the episode ends.

master of ragnarok episode 2 end
I couldn’t find a picture of the guy yet. Sorry.

So really, what did we get from this episode? Nothing. We got absolutely freaking nothing. They fought. They won. There was a bath scene. Felicia brought up the smartphone. A new challenger appeared.

I literally could have written the entire review with those last five sentences, but I don’t want to do stuff like that.

Boring. Boring…Boring. Okay, I’m done here.


But before I actually end the post: Thanks for reading! Seriously.

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