I’m an Anime Character Now!



So I got tired of my profile picture and wondered “what would I look like if I were to be “anime-fied”? Okay, I know that’s not a word, but animated doesn’t seem right in this sense to be honest. Well, I did just that because Internet and basically anything is possible.

I did get rid of my facial hair, though, which is slightly upsetting to me personally because I’ve had this stuff for three years now and actually like having it more than not having it.

Here it is!

Anime Avatar
Anime Me

And just so you can see the resemblance, here’s overly-exhausted, poor/grainy picture, unhappy me. I have no idea why I’m not smiling here. Maybe I hadn’t had my coffee yet or something.

No coffee me? I think?

So yeah! That’s it, really. I just thought I’d do a random, fun post and then catch up on the final two reviews I need to write before my week of watching starts (oddly, yes, I’m saying my weeks run Thursday-Sunday).


Bye-bye now!!

Alex 🙂

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