I’m Not Stupid; I’m Just Dumb

Okay so when I’m at work I have random thoughts. Most of the time it’s about anime and manga, or some way the world is going to end. I have a buddy there that I can go back and forth with and talk about random stuff like that with all the time, so we have a blast.

Anyway, today I had a thought that made absolutely no sense. Like, at all. Here it is:

What if, instead of still using the original OP/ED for dubbed anime episodes, they grabbed music from around the world that fit the season’s theme? Pretty dumb, right?

But still, I kept going after that and input many of the artists that I enjoy into anime OPs/EDs….

A few of the artists that I thought of immediately were:

  1. Hands Like Houses–an Australian rock group that formed in 2008, and have released three studio albums–Ground Dweller (2012), Unimagine (2013), and Dissonants (2016). This makes no sense, but I’ve been listening to HLH since Ground Dweller released. They hold a very special place in my heart for the song “Glasshouse” (which is about anxiety–a mental disorder I’m medicated for), and a few others.
  2. Tonight Alive–another Australian rock group formed around 2008. I don’t know many of their songs, but I do like what I’ve heard from them, especially the songs “Amelia” and “Starlight” of their second album What Are You So Scared Of? (2011).
  3. The Cab–an American band formed in the mid 2000s that has since “gone on hiatus,” but most (if not all) fans know they’ve officially disbanded. They’ve got some sweet tunes, and I think specific songs off either their first or second studio albums would work for an OP/ED
  4. Evanescence–an American band that formed in 1995 and has released four studio albums. I think specific songs off their Fallen (2003) album, or the self-titled Evanescence (2011) album could work.
  5. Casey Lee Williams/Jeff Williams–this father/daughter pair (okay, I don’t really think they’re a musical pair, but yeah) did the music and vocals for the RWBY series released by Rooster Teeth. I have no idea when either of them started. I believe RWBY has five seasons and aired on Crunchyroll at one point. Literally these two could do anything for any anime and it would sound absolutely amazing. I love their work.


I don’t know….this is just some random, dumb thought that I had!


Yeah…so like, that’s what can go through my head at work. Thoughts like: What non-Japanese songs could fit for OPs and EDs? I’m weird, I accept that; but, I am who I am.



That’s a random thought from me!


One thought on “I’m Not Stupid; I’m Just Dumb

  1. I’m not 100% sure what you mean by this. You saying that it would be cool if anime used non-Japanese songs for OP’s and ED’s sometimes?
    If so, fun fact for you, some anime like Ergo Proxy actually used a non-Japanese song for its OP. It’s rare but you do see it sometimes. Even more interesting, the Japanese release of Speed Grapher used the American song, “Girls on Film” by Duran Duran but was replaced with Japanese song in the US release for licencing reasons. My last example is for Ouran Highschool Host Club where, if you watch it dubbed, they actually dubbed the OP in English. It is terrible but credit for trying something different.
    Of course, these are just a few examples but this kind of thing is pretty rare. I wouldn’t be apposed to seeing more music from around the world used in anime.


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