Mid-week (sort of?) Sappy Post: Thank You

I wasn’t planning this post at all. I have no scribblings in any of my notebooks for this, which is the exact opposite of what I do when I review episodes. I haven’t written anything out, or gone over anything in my head, either. Most times when I do my episode reviews I take notes on the first watch-through, then watch the episode again without notes, and a third time (to possibly switch my notes around). It’s sort of a long process, but it is what it is and helps me get my ideas straight before posting. But each time my brain is jotting down the plot, the character interactions, and what I might talk about, so it works for me.

Here, now, on this post, I have nothing. So please bear with my stream of consciousness while I ramble on for a bit (like I did above).


I want to thank the people who have liked my posts, commented on my posts, followed me here on wordpress, and have seemed to enjoy what I’m posting. I’ve taken a few breaks through the last year or so to deal with the mental health issues I battle daily (it’s gotten a lot easier to handle, thank god). Anyway, yeah, so seriously…

Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. All of you who read my ramblings and reviews and sometimes idiotic (at least I think) posts. There are a few people I would like to mention by name, because I can (and maybe it’ll get them more followers, but perhaps the only people who read this will be the people I name–and I’m about 90% sure they all follow each other anyway, so whatever).


To Karandi:

I’m pretty sure you were one of the first people to like a post I had on here when I started doing anime related content. And for some reason, you’re still doing it. Thank you for putting up with my two long hiatuses and then popping up in my wordpress and e-mail notifications when I returned each time. It’s nice to see a name I’ve had on showing up on my wordpress for quite some time still around. Thank you.


To Irina:

I know you’ve only been following me for a few months, but in the last week since I’ve returned from another hiatus you’ve been very vocal and welcoming on the content I have posted. It’s nice knowing that there’s someone out there who will, for whatever reason, find some sort of interest in my writing, and reviews, and whatever else, and want to comment their own thoughts and ideas, which may or may not echo my own. Thank you, Irina.


To Jon Spencer:

Like Irina you’ve only been following me for a few months or so, but I still enjoy seeing you pop up on my posts. I know we had some disagreements on one of the shows I was watching a while ago (I think it was Violet Evergarden), but that was honestly better than having you agree with me. There was something about that disagreement on a character or plot device that we had that really made me smile. And now you’re back commenting on my posts again, giving me information and whatever else you have to give on the topic. I thoroughly enjoy that. So, like I said to Karandi and Irina, Jon Spencer: Thank you.



And now to everyone else who has read my content, liked, and commented, whatever it may be, thank you. Without you readers this blog wouldn’t exist, it would have died completely a long time ago. I would have shut it down (because my brain over-reacts). I know it’s fairly new since I wiped my slate clean and started over, but still, there’s something about knowing that I’m reaching people in whatever way it may be that makes this all worthwhile–even if it’s just one or two or three people.


Thank you so much everyone.

toradora glomp


Alex 🙂

P.S.–a funny side note, when I actually clicked on the feature image I have posted, 100 Word Anime was written to the right…I stole your gif Karandi!)

P.P.S.–if anyone could tell me what anime that feature gif is from I would appreciate it. I’ve seen it, I just can’t remember what it’s from and it’s bothering me.

5 thoughts on “Mid-week (sort of?) Sappy Post: Thank You

    1. The glomp gif yes. That’s Taiga from Toradora (which I freaking love). I was actually referring to the featured pic I used that says “Thank you, everyone.” (Although on my phone app it isn’t showing up…so idk.) Sorry if there’s some confusion!


  1. That’s okay, I’m pretty sure I borrowed the gif from someone as well, though I’m pretty sure it’s Iori from Kokoro Connect (could be wrong). Thank you for the kind words.


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