Perfect Blue: A Live-Tweet Response

So I posted about Perfect Blue less than twenty-four hours ago, but I got around to watching it. And Oh. My. God. However, instead of writing a huge response to it like I thought I might do, I decided to live-tweet my reactions during the film.

And just in case you wonder, no, I don’t care that anyone who reads this can see my name, plus my Twitter handle is on my personal wordpress site anyway.

The only issue I have with these pics is that you need to read each one (yes they’re in order) from bottom to top in order to get the reactions how I posted them.

Alex….they can read, the tweets are time-stamped, they can figure it out…. Sorry.

Here we go!


6 thoughts on “Perfect Blue: A Live-Tweet Response

    1. You’re absolutely right; I’m not a huge fan of dubs, but there are some I can tolerate enough to watch completely. Thank you for convincing me! I think I’ll have to get some other people I know to watch it now.

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