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I’m huge into music. My musical taste spreads through many, many genres–EDM, rock/alternative, pop, metalcore, and what could be called “mainstream.” So yes, music is something that I really enjoy.

Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of rock stuff that has some meaning to me–hello again, Hands Like Houses (one of my favorite bands ever)–but I’ve also got a small list of songs that I’ve been playing over and over without getting tired of hearing them.

Note: This isn’t a Top 5 list, it’s just songs I can’t stop listening to

Uchiage Hanabi- DAOKO: This song is the theme of the full-length feature film “Fireworks,” which I actually got tickets to with my brother when it aired for three days in the United States. As soon as the credits began rolling I smacked my brother’s arm and said, “Shazam that, my phone is dead.” “I’m already doing that, shut up,” he replied. So he did, I got the song, and I absolutely love it. We weren’t the only one’s trying to get that song, either. Practically half of the theater had their phones up trying to get the song to register on their phones. While the song isn’t AMAZING, I do enjoy it a lot. It’s just something I really like listening to.

Hikari Are- BURNOUT SYNDROMES: I still can’t stop listening to this song. The third OP of Haikyuu!! has had me hooked since I first heard it. The instrumentals are just too good in my own opinion to stop listening to it. Maybe that’s because I have a huge liking for rock music, but still. Hikari Are is just good…

Salvage- Team Nekokan ft. Rekka Katakiri: This freaking song…another J-rock song that I can’t stop listening to. Like Hikari Are the instrumentals are what hooked me on this song. While I don’t know if it actually fit as the ED of Kokoro Connect, there’s something about the calmness of the lyrics and rush of the instruments, which end up blending well, that makes me love this song more than I originally thought I would. It took me a few listens, but I think the rhythm guitar solo at around the 2:20 mark sold me on this song.

Yume Tourou- RADWIMPS: The theme of the 2016 mega-hit anime feature film “Your Name” (Kimi no Na wa)… I absolutely love this song. There’s just so much emotion behind it. It’s hard for me to explain really how I feel when I listen to it, I just know I can’t seem to stop. RADWIMPS has something special with this song.

And speaking of RADWIMPS…

Nan Demonai ya- RADWIMPS: The ending song of “Your Name,” another amazing song that I’ve been listening to constantly for about three weeks now. It’s just so emotional and raw. The slower pace to start the song, and then the slight pick-up in tempo really gets me sold on it with the addition of the instrumentals–which are absolutely amazing. The guitars, the percussion, just everything about this song screams emotion and I love it.


An addition to this list would be: Banana Fish OP…which is actually…

Survive Said the Prophet- Found and Lost… This song hits so hard. It’s just good. That’s all I can really say considering we don’t have the full version yet (August 1st HURRY!!), but from what I heard while watching the first three episodes of Banana Fish, I’m absolutely going to love the full version of this song.

And with that being said, Survive Said the Prophet is a band that I thoroughly enjoy listening to. After hearing the Banana Fish OP I immediately started listening to their music and I’m really liking what I hear.


Anyway, that’s it for me!

Thanks for reading!


Alex 🙂

4 thoughts on “Anime Music

  1. Oh man, hi five! I’m also a fan of Hands Like Houses! Totally awesome band. My favorite album from them is currently Dissonant. My favorite track on that is Glasshouse since it gets me pumped up every time I listen to it! Survive Said The Prophet I also listened. If I recall correctly, I believe the main singer worked with composer Hiroyuki Sawano as a vocalist on some of his songs which is how I discovered him. Good band, though I listen to them as much as I do Hands Like Houses.

    Uchiage Hanabi is also a song I like a lot, and can’t stop listening too. Has both Daoko, and Kenshin Yonezu (one of my favorite music artist) together. It’s hard to explain, but there’s just something special it captures.

    The other songs I gave a brief listen too. Out of the ones I haven’t listen too before is Burnout Syndrome. Pretty darn good.

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    1. Dissonants is so good, and Glasshouse is my favorite, too! That might be because the song is about anxiety and I suffer from that (with medication and all!)…

      I really like Hikari Are by Burnout Syndromes, but more to the point, it’s great finding someone who enjoys the same music I do!! I’m so happy right now omg…

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    1. Can I love this tag? Haha!
      Initial Reaction: Shit!
      I saw this on Arsene_Lucifer’s page (I think) and was thinking “nobody pick me, nobody pick me, nobody pick me…”
      Welp, I was chosen! So I’ll do it! (at some point, it’ll take me a bit)


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