I Destroy The T.A.P Tag! (lol just kidding)

The pic is me. I am Tanaka and Nishinoya right now. I am hyped.

So I think…I’m pretty sure?…the original post came from here. If I screwed this up from the start somebody please correct me, I don’t want to look like a complete fool.

And now, for the lovely person who tagged me: Yomu!!! Check out Yomu here. Thanks for the tag Yomu!! It’s been far too long since I’ve written any poetry and I enjoyed every minute of it!


I only decided to do one tanka for each of the shows because as I write this it’s 2am for me and I’m mentally exhausted; but, hopefully you all enjoy what I’ve written! I chose three anime that I thoroughly enjoyed watching in the past, which may or may not follow the rules, but I tried my best…

Anyway, here they are!


Angel Beats!

I am on the ground

There’s a girl with a rifle

What is happening?

Should I be scared or not?

I don’t get what’s happening

angel beats tanka pic



There’s a tall, tall wall

And it looms over my head.

I will break that wall;

I shouldn’t be scared of it,

I can fly over that wall.

(Did I rip off the pic below this? Pretty much, but I like my tanka more!)

haikyuu tanka


Violet Evergarden

I stare at the broche.

It’s the color of his eyes.

I am overwhelmed.

I feel something inside me…

I think this feeling is love.

violet evergarden tanka pic


And there you have it! My three tanka poems! I am now the tanka master! Or…maybe not. Just a rookie, I think! Anyway, that’s what I’ve got for you all!

But before I go, and because I’m staying true to my word (and partly because I’m a little sadistic and remembered my tweet), the people I’m tagging!!! You know who you are! 🙂 (love you all!!!!)

The Unlucky Six!!!






Cactus Matt


Honestly I don’t know how tags even work/show up for people here (I’m “technically” a newbie), but yeah… If that didn’t work for any of the “unlucky six,” and I’m too stupid to do it correctly, somebody please do it for me in the comments.

Thank you kindly!


Alex 🙂

20 thoughts on “I Destroy The T.A.P Tag! (lol just kidding)

  1. I just finished a comment on another blog about how structured poems aren’t my thing. Still, I’ll give this one a go. Thanks for sharing your poems and I feel like the first one could be a good teaser for Angel Beats.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Structured poems aren’t really my thing, either. I like free verse if I ever have to write poetry, but I gave this a shot regardless. A teaser for Angel Beats=Maybe… Start by giving them the hope of action and crush their hearts…hmm. I kind of like it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ll give you my stamp of approval. You are on the right path to tanka master. Be sure to include that Violet Evergarden tanka on your resume when you apply for the position, it’s excellent!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! The VE tanka actually took me a long time to write… Am I using the scene I want? Is it conveying Violet’s emotions correctly? Did I miss something from that scene? But, I happened to enjoy writing it, so no harm done.

      Also now planning on submitting that single tanka to my university’s yearly writing collection (which apparently is seen and downloaded around the world)–maybe I’ll make it in this time if I submit that with a few pictures hahaha (or maybe not).

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh my gosh! What have you done to the tag! Just kidding. You did good on this one, and I have to say I liked the Violent Evergarden one the best. Can’t wait to see what the Unlucky Six does in this. If successful, you can do a follow up with the Unluckiest Seven hahaha

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  5. Oh! I just saw the tag for this because somebody clicked the link or I might have missed this. I’ve got a couple tags in the backlog so not sure when I’ll get around to this but I appreciate you tagging me all the same 🙂

    I enjoyed reading your poems. I used to do these all the time high school, so I bet you had a ton of fun making them too! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Nice! Well, no promise since other content comes first over tags. I made a post about why but basically, I could do JUST tags if I really wanted to for a full month O.o


      2. O_o That’s a lot…if you do it you do it, if you don’t you don’t. Not going to pressure you! I say get all your other stuff done first

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  6. Haha, your Haikyuu is basically an Attack on Titan crossover. Those were fun though!
    Thanks for the tag, and I’ll try to get to it next month. If you’re wondering how tags work – they don’t show up for us if you only link to a blog page, but if you link to a specific post, that would show up in the notifications.

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    1. It does now that you mention it. Haikyuu’s opening ripped off AoT!! (Lol jk)
      So I did do it wrong. Gah! Thanks for the help though! I’ll remember that 🙂

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      1. I mean, how you tag is totally up to you! I link to people’s main pages sometimes if I don’t want to bother them with the whole tag thing, and leave it to them to find the post if they scroll through their feed. It all depends!

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  7. Ayyy we’re VE tanka bros. It’s cool to see two different approaches to the same series tho. Mine was more of a summary while yours is from the perspective of Violet

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