Worst Anime I’ve Seen

This’ll be a super short list of anime that I’ve actually seen completely and wondered afterward, “Why did I suffer through that?” I’m not going to go into detail on any of the shows, either–I don’t really remember any semblance of plot from these… #6 is my personal favorite for worst I’ve seen…

  1. Linebarrels of Iron– I remember a picture. Dude had his fist raised, girl was there, some mecha thing. He screamed a lot I think. That’s it.
  2. Infinite Stratos– Only girls can fly mecha things! Wait there’s a single boy who can do it! Oh! Another boy can do it, too! Wait, that boy is actually a girl…. Huh?
  3. Rosario+Vampire– Awkward guy, cute vampire girl, cute vamp girl turns into white haired badass vamp woman. Or something…
  4. The Asterisk War– Yeah…something about a dying planet, academies, newcomer guy messes up somehow when it comes to a chick or something. Newcomer guy becomes top school student fighter? I think. I don’t know… it was just bad
  5. Air Gear– Rollerblade-esque fighting. People called Kings, basically gang warfare things…yeah…2011 was rough for me
  6. Hundred– Yes, I watched the entire thing. I have no idea why. Hundred weapon that is the only thing that can destroy a massive beast thing. Dude goes to a school? I think… Some chick remembers the guy, but guy doesn’t know her and feels weird about it? Top Slayer challenges him? Fighting throughout show? I don’t know. It was bad…

worst anime jack sparrow scream

And that’s that. My personal list of the worst anime I’ve actually completed. I was dumb back around 2010-2011 (or something like that) and would watch literally anything that had fighting and bright lights and screaming… What was I thinking?


Alex 🙂

4 thoughts on “Worst Anime I’ve Seen

  1. Hello!
    Air Gear, the anime, was pretty bad. The manga is better.
    I admire your patience – to finish Rosario+Vampire is an achievement.
    Great idea for a post.


    1. I probably should… and I’m reviewing two of them! I had planned to drop them and review Cells at Work, Banana Fish, and one other, but I can’t get myself to stop watching. I have a mindset of “can I truly watch a bad anime all the way through now?” It’s painful, but fun in a way

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