Packing/Moving=??…It Equals No Posts

I stated a few days ago that I’ll be moving soon (and soon now means five days), so I’ve made the decision (with the exception of this post) to not post any content during this time.

While I wish I could, I realized yesterday during a little test I did late at night that if I were to keep the content I’ve been making consistent I wouldn’t be ready to leave until after my move-out date.

With that said, I’ll be taking the rest of today until I’m actually out of my current place and into my new one off from my blog. I shouldn’t spend time reviewing and whatnot (because I have a long process) as it will disrupt my cleaning and packing by a great amount.

This way I won’t be struggling and rushing during the last two days I have…

However! However…I’ll still be around checking the reader page and whatnot, liking and commenting on things in the time I have.

Sorry, everyone!

Alex 🙂

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