Harukana Receive…I’m Officially Hooked

Okay, okay, okay, I’m obsessing over something because my English–Creative Writing emphasis major/degree is kicking in HARD. I couldn’t stop thinking about it the entire day. Because of this, I need to announce said something

This is just a small announcement, not a full post/review, because I need to actually get some sleep (I’ve gotten four hours over the past two nights…fucking insomnia). Reviews coming Sunday-Tuesday…

Anyway, if you didn’t pick up Harukana Receive for your summer anime list, or ended up dropping it after two or three episodes because no plot/bad fan service/whatever, I implore you to pick it up right now or watch the latest episode.

Being a literary major with an emphasis on creative writing (which in no way makes me an expert!!) I have this to say: the writers and directors of episode 4 did it right. While the first three episodes were mostly full of backstory and melodrama and didn’t have any real interactions or progression outside of flashbacks, EPISODE 4 DID IT! AND THEY DID IT RIGHT.

We got interactions, we got feelings, we got the fan service (obviously), but the defining moment (at least for me) happened at the end of episode 4, one episode after most people realize what’s happening and characters have been fleshed out enough and communicate well enough to see where the show is going and decide to watch/drop.

Harukana Receive episode 4 didn’t just TELL like it did through the first three episodes (conversations, flashbacks, etc)–they SHOWED us something. And that something defined the season so far, I think.

“Show don’t tell” has always been my motto while writing (which I sadly can’t do here…) and I honestly believe episode 4 did that. In a defining moment we were given one action…ONE. A single movement–yes movement (which spans roughly five-six seconds) that truly showed how our characters feel about each other and what they want to accomplish.

Go watch Harukana Receive. Give it four episodes. If you do, I hope you catch on to what I’m saying and maybe (maybe!!!) give this show a chance.


Thanks for reading!

Alex 🙂

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