Help Would Be Appreciated. Thanks in advance…

So, as I’ve stated a few times, I’m moving and it’s stressful as fuck (Yep, I used the word fuck). Now, I don’t like using that in my posts because I feel like it makes me abrasive and unapproachable and whatever else, but right now, I’m stressing the fuck out.

With that out of the way, I would love some help:

With my anxiety as high as it is right now I’d love some calm shows. Yeah, I know I said it was lower, but it’s still pretty high considering I have an entire apartment to move in basically a day…

That won’t ruin most of my scheduled posts, though. I’ll cram them all in on Monday night/Tuesday mwahaha!!!

Suggestions for anime that may help calm people down? What are some mindless anime that you’ve all enjoyed to help you de-stress from a long day, or to take your mind off things, or whatever it may be?

I’ve got my own list, and some music that I listen to (thank you, Australia, for the wonderful Hands Like Houses), but I’d like to know other people’s opinions on anime that are, for whatever reason, ones you may watch in order to unwind and de-stress. I kind of want something new to me right now, something I can just have on over the next day and a half that will just be there–make me laugh, not be too engaging but still enjoyable, whatever. So fire away with whatever you can think of!

Now, for what I have planned:

Live-tweet of Mary and the Witch’s Flower tomorrow for sure! That will be very enjoyable I think! Also, the shows that I missed on Thursday and Saturday along with HANEBADO! (which aired today/yesterday? for me) and Harukana Receive (KAMEKICHI, THE TURTLE, SIGHTINGS!!) are coming. They’ll be short, but they’re coming so I don’t get behind. I singled HANEBADO! and Harukana Receive out because they’ve got me super pumped right now–I can’t wait to review those…


Thanks all! You’re the best readers ever! (even if there’s just a few of you!)


Alex 🙂


6 thoughts on “Help Would Be Appreciated. Thanks in advance…

  1. Depends what de-stresses you. If I’m in a silly mood something like Acchi Kocchi works, though regularly I go for sweet romance such as Snow White with the Red Hair or My Love Story. Ouran is always good for a laugh.
    Though, something episode like Ghost Hunt works really well for me to de-stress because I know there’s a clear ending to each story and it is contained.

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    1. Thanks, Karandi! I chose Ouran episode 5…Hikaru and Kaoru fighting is too good to pass up. It’s my basically twin and me and I love it. Laughing will do me well!

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    1. I’ve seen that on Crunchy but didn’t start it. Added it to my list and never got around to it. Maybe I should start it some time. Thanks for the comment!

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  2. Sorry to hear that! Take a long breath, everything will turn out ok I’m sure 🙂

    Regarding Anime just to relax, I would say Mushishi is a great one. The story is nice and the environment/music is really relaxing. If you are not really into the supernatural tyipe of Anime I would say Natsuiro Kiseki. This one is just those Animes that you don’t need to think much but it’s good enough to make you engaged. It’s completely to a relax type of thing. The main reason it’s because the Anime happens in the summer and the sounds of summer ALWAYS relax me 😛

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  3. For relaxation I would recommend seeing Cardcaptor Sakura, and Ultra Maniac. Both are shoujo anime, but they both have very charming characters. Both anime simply want to entertain you, and both do a good job that. Especially Cardcaptor Sakura which helped brighten my mood a lot during some rough work days. It’s 70 episodes though, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy some of it.

    For music, I recommend checking out the UK artist Heart of Gold. Makes very hypnotic sounding music, and personally I find his stuff relaxing. He’s kind hard to find, so here’s one of his songs.

    If you’re just in the mood to listen to some new music to take your mind of stuff, I recommend I the Mighty if you never listen to them before. They mostly write about serious issues regarding relationships, but they do it pretty well. Best part of all, their latest album is all on YouTube.


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