Sort of back, but not for posts

So!! I’m moved for the most part, and not as stressed and anxious as I was four days ago, so I’m back…sort of.

Having dealt with four anxiety attacks that knocked me out for 2+ hours a day four days in a row, I’m finally able to be on WordPress again!

However, I don’t have a laptop charger right now (it’s either in the deepest corners of my storage unit or was accidentally thrown out). That being said, I’ll need to get a new one tomorrow before anything happens.

But I have a phone again so I can be here! Hurray! No posts from me until I get a charger, so expect a lot next week! Sorry for everything, but that’s life!!

Glad things have calmed down!!

Alex 🙂

8 thoughts on “Sort of back, but not for posts

    1. Thanks, Irina!! So many posts in the next week to catch up. Dual-episode posts for each series I’m reviewing should be tons of fun!! I’m excited to be back in the community! (And thanks for breaking my twitter with your retweet >_> hahaha!!)

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  1. Happy that you are feeling better! :3 See? Everything ended up working out! Remember that in the next time you have a big challenge! It will help you with your anxiety 🙂 That’s what I did when I had general anxiety and sometimes it made me calmer eheh

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