New Series of Posts

So, I’ve come a decision in my head. I want to add content!!

With this added content, though, I also believe I’m going to be dropping my Movie Monday series. I may go back for a final tweet surprise, but I also believe that series ran it’s course. I realized during my Akira post that I wasn’t so much watching anymore and more forcing myself for the sake of a post. And I think that’s a bad thing.

So, Monday will now be focused on reviews that I need to get done AND Monday Men–where I’ll go into male characters throughout anime and talk about what I like and dislike about them. I think that’ll be fun



WEDNESDAY WOMEN!!–the same as Monday Men, just the opposite sex. I tried this before I took a hiatus and called it Warrior Women….but I think that was too narrow a field, as there are wonderful female characters in anime that aren’t warriors.

So, you can expect two new posts from me on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Also with that said, I’ll have Monday and Wednesday off for the foreseeable future, so it’ll be easy enough to get those done on their respected days.

If you want to suggest characters for me to go into depth on what I think of them–they’ll be opinion pieces, so discussion is welcome–just let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

Alexie 😁

One thought on “New Series of Posts

  1. I guess for an analysis Mima “Mima-rin” Kirigoe from Perfect Blue would be interesting. Heck, even the leading character in Millennium Actress would also be one worth writing about. She has a lot depth from what I could remember of the movie.

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