How Not to Summon a Demon Lord–Episode 7 Review: Incest is…not best

So my friend has this saying as a joke: “Incest is best.” I don’t know why he says it, I don’t really understand the comedy behind it, but it fits his awkward personality to a tee, so I just let him say it when he does (Note: It doesn’t happen often, and he’s not actually into incest, it’s just something he does)…

Demon Lord episode 7 was, well, all about that incest. At the end of episode 6 we got the knowledge that Keera wanted to have Shera bear his child, so that’s what we’re heading toward here I guess.

Anyway, we start with a flashback/dream, which dives into Diablo’s childhood and deals with friendship. I didn’t really understand why they did this, but whatever, cool, it gives us a sense of who Diablo was before coming to the world of Cross Reverie.

Screenshot (162)
Sad he had no real friends 😦

Okay, anyway, after Diablo wakes up from his weird dream from the real world our episode moves to how they plan to prepare for anything that might happen. The party splits–Alicia and Rem both say they’re going to go report on things while Shera and Diablo stay and make potions.

And how wonderful it was to make potions for Diablo…

All he had to do was focus on Shera’s jiggly boobs and BAM! the potions were done…instead of actually taking the time to make them he did it unconsciously. So, I guess we got plot development for the episode mixed with fan service? That’s a good thing!! (Also, Diablo’s internal monologue is wonderful.)


But…Keera ruins our fun episode. He shows up playing his flute! And Shera decides she’s needed in Greenwood instead of with Diablo and Rem. Yep, super cool.

Diablo becomes depressed, and Rem and Alicia find out while he’s standing in the street and slouching–which isn’t something he usually does in his Demon Lord persona. So, it’s really taking a toll on Diablo, since he finally felt like they’d become friends and were happy together. Not to mention that Shera said she wanted to stay with Rem and Diablo forever.

I like this portion of the episode because it reminds us that Diablo has emotions–that he’s actually a human and is able to truly care about people instead of playing off his Demon Lord persona one hundred percent of the time. There’s a balance that this show has to deal with, and for the most part I think they’re doing a fairly decent job with it.


After Shera left with her brother we get an even more depressed Diablo as time progresses (although I’m not sure how much time has passed). More flashbacks to the real world happen, which I enjoyed because it shows us who Diablo really was. So that’s great, but it doesn’t do much to progress our story.

However, Rem does, and Diablo takes her lead and realizes that he needs Shera…so we get Diablo asking Rem (since she’s going to rescue Shera regardless) if she wants his Demon Lord power. Our Demon Lord back!!

Screenshot (177)
Yes, please. I would enjoy having your power

The transition from sad to angry in Diablo seems very in-character to me, and I think we have Rem to thank for that, because she was the one who told Diablo she’d go help her friend regardless of backup. This prompted Diablo to snap out of his funk and realize that he need Shera, too, so he’ll have to fight or her. Because fuck Keera’s spell bullshit!

And Shera? Well she’s chained up by her sick-as-shit brother. Yeah, he’s really into that whole incest thing where Shera’s going to bear his child. Gross, guy…

Okay here’s a question…because I’ve noticed more than just Demon Lord doing this. What is it with male elves having long blond hair and being total creeps? Like, is that some sort of trope that’s been accepted, or is trying to force itself to become accepted by the masses? It’s so odd to me and honestly I think we could do without it, even if it makes for a decent story line.


Keera becomes deranged…like completely messed up, and uses a slime thing that eats fabric. Yep! But, it only eats Shera’s clothes. Not the carpet, not the other fabric in his tent, just Shera’s clothes–because fan service and awkward elf stuff. Right?

Screenshot (183)
Does it burn her, too? Or…

I don’t think Diablo was very pleased to find out that Keera chained Shera up, because he arrives with Rem and Alicia, and he’s pissed off. Which is understandable. I do think, though, that this was so in character for what we know of him, but also in Diablo’s own head, because he has had to keep this Demon Lord persona where ever he goes–only this time it’s true rage that makes his persona known.


Screenshot (185)
Me: *runs away*

Diablo arrives and is honestly one of the most angry characters I’ve seen in an isekai show.

The next bit is actually pretty nice, even though I saw it coming. Diablo and Keera have a battle over who will control Shera, and the enslavement collar comes into effect. Personally, I think this was a great touch as we haven’t actually seen anything from these collars. We learned how strong the spell/magic was in a previous episode, but we never really knew what they could do.

Well, it turns out that the enslavement collar is a full-proof defense against Keera’s bullshit! Woohoo!!


The episode ends with Keera using the Elf Nation’s strongest summoning, a hydra–which we don’t actually get to see, but we do see a badass Diablo ready to fight whatever comes at him while defending Shera.


That’s it for Demon Lord episode 7!! We got a cliffhanger, but I think that was set up throughout the episode so there wasn’t much of a surprise. I think the episode did well in balancing its fan service and plot by relating said fan service to the overall plot of the episode. And, we got to see a glimpse of Diablo when he’s truly pissed. I’m just waiting to see if we’ll get him at full power–that will be an interesting battle.


Thanks for reading!

Alexie 🙂

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