I’ve Moved In and Settled! But don’t have internet yet…

Well, as many of my readers/followers know I was excited to move into my new place and start writing more consistently, but, my ISP is being ridiculous so the place I’m in currently doesn’t have an internet connection. Hopefully that’ll be resolved in the next few days.

With that said, I’ll have a fun time catching up on shows and writing my reviews about them! I have that new series coming, too, where I look at different characters (one male and one female per week) and talk about what I do and don’t enjoy about them.

So, I’ll be glad to have more time to blog and interact with all of you (on here and Twitter–I’m a bit addicted to Twitter) when I have the chance!!

Thanks for reading!

Alexie 🙂

Oh, P.S.

Some of you may have read my post about an ex-girlfriend freaking out about AoT posters I have…

Well, they’re back!! My posters of Eren and Levi, as well as Mikasa–she’s tough to see (and gundam models)–are guarding my room!!! The lighting in my room sort of sucks, but yeah, I have an army!!!

Nobody’s going to mess with me now

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