Life…My Crazy Life…

Hello! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on here, I know.

First, sorry for the break. I’ve been extremely busy with school (hate you, college) and, to be completely honest, just living my life. I’ve been oddly active on twitter in recent months, and I’ve also been thinking about this blog…

Is it worth it? Do I really have the energy and time to be blogging right now? Is it something I really want to do?


Yes, this blog is worth it to me.

I’ve been reading posts daily and really just wishing I had the energy to get back into the blogging world. But, what would I really blog about? I tried anime, and honestly, it was fun for a while. Doing reviews and whatnot was enjoyable, but, I think I’m going to change it up now. There are other amazing sources to get anime-related content other than my small blog, so here’s to a change in direction!

Time… Do I have the time to blog?

Honestly, yes, I do. I just haven’t done it. I live in a house with five other people, and we usually (five or six days a week) have between eight to ten of us here doing random things–usually games and (full disclosure) drinking. Yep, we drink a lot, but it’s light stuff and we don’t get too crazy, we just have fun. Are we alcoholics? Nope, we don’t go to meetings! Ha-ha…ha…bad joke is bad.

Is it something I really want to do?

Yes! Yes, it is. It really is. Over the last two months I’ve been thinking hard about this blog, but never actually doing anything with it–I’ve just been thinking about it… So, I think now is the time where I’ll tell you what’s going to happen: I’m going to move in a new direction, to a new idea, and I hope that some of you who have been following me will stick with me. If not, that’s perfectly fine, it’s not like I control you in any way (even though that would be super cool in a fantasy land).


So what am I going to do?

The life of Alex! Yes, I’m going to blog about my life. In recent years I’ve been struggling with my self-identity–Who am I? What do I enjoy in my spare time? What am I truly passionate about? What are my hobbies? And whatever else…

In June and then again in August I met some amazing people and my life changed for the better. I wasn’t alone any more like I thought. I’ve got people around, people I enjoy spending time with, people who have become closer to me than I ever thought they could, and that makes me more happy than I ever imagined.

To new beginnings and, hopefully, enjoyable blog posts and reactions from those who follow me!!


Thanks for reading! I love you all!!

Alexie 🙂

NOTE: The feature image is my living room and, from left to right: two roommates (friend and twin brother), neighbor, friend (who is basically my brother), and three more friends who are basically family to me. The hula hoop keeps the sea bears away…

Oh, and a second thing, I just submitted two poems to my university’s literary journal–one of those being the T.A.P tanka challenge (Violet Evergarden!) I did months ago!! Fingers crossed one of them is chosen, but I’m skeptical, so whatever happens happens 🙂

3 thoughts on “Life…My Crazy Life…

  1. Hey that’s great! I wish your tanka luck that it gets the recognition it deserves.

    Keep doing what you want to do – I think it’s more important to enjoy what you are writing than just writing for the sake of publishing posts.

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  2. Nice! Wish for the same on that Tanka. My sentiments are the same as Yomu; just try having fun blogging regardless what’s going on offline.

    Can’t wait to check out from of the new content you got plan.


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