A Daydream War

For a few days I had the same daydream while at my workplace; however, it’s not like a looping daydream where I have the same scenes running through my head each day. No, this was like one huge story that built on itself over the course of three days…

It started on November 15th when I got bored. I was stocking shelves, talking to customers, doing my usual work duties, and then I got bored—it’s as simple as that. I thought: what would happen if mythical creatures were real? And boy did my head take me for a ride! The daydream was just flashes every once in a while, but they all stuck together for some reason, which was odd… Anyway, here’s what happened:


I was pulling a giant stack of product from our sales floor to the back room when out of nowhere centaurs and minotaurs came crashing through the front of the store, shattering glass and breaking displays, screaming and shouting their war cries. It was chaos. The minotaurs were giant—at least eight feet tall—with long black fur, fiery red eyes, and black-gray horns. One carried an axe, two carried wooden clubs, and all of them were ready to destroy what got between them and me. The centaurs were darker skinned with a brown horse’s body, jacked-as-shit, and holding swords and bows with arrows in quivers at their sides. Honestly, it was frightening as fuck…

And then the centaurs began running rampant through the cash registers shooting their bows while the minotaurs (there were three of them) bull-rushed toward me. I ran, knocking displays over, pushing people out of the way, and trying to get to a safe area. I ran to the back of the store, climbed up onto the shelves and stood above everything. The minotaurs didn’t care. The two with the clubs swung at the shelving units and buckled them. I began to fall and jumped to the opposite aisle.

Yay me? Well, no. The third minotaur was there, waiting with his axe…he swung at me, but missed as I fell off the shelves. And then I ran again. But…I ran straight into the centuars! They circled me, pulled their swords out, and pointed them at me. I was trapped in a ring of centaurs!

And then an alarm went off. I used the distraction to run between two centaurs and tried to hide again. But, instead of hiding, I was protected. Men and women in green hoods holding spears and bows corralled me behind them and fought against the oncoming centaurs. Arrows struck flesh! Centaurs fell screaming! A few humans were shot, too, but I ran. All I heard was the battle going on behind me. I ran as fast as I could toward the entrance and finally made it outside.

For some reason, though, I was now alone. There were no other people. It was like I’d been transported somewhere else. I was standing in the snow outside my workplace as the wind blew at me from the west—which made me insanely cold. And then…out of nowhere…

I burst into flames.


Yeah, so that was my fucked up daydream. After I’d burst into flames I remember saying (out loud mind you): “Well, fuck me…” And yes, I was on the sales floor at the time. At least I got a man my age to laugh as he passed me…

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