Places I Want To Visit

Hello all you wonderful people! Random post time!

I haven’t done this in a while, but I have been thinking about the same topic for about two weeks now and it’s bothering me not having written anything. I’m a bit odd in that I write almost everything that pops into my head on a scrap of paper, or in my phone, or in a notebook, but it helps keep me as sane as I am currently, so that’s a benefit, right?

Anyway, with this post I just want to tell you about places I want to visit in the future (obviously…it’s like the title of the post or something). I’ll do it in list form and I probably (hopefully!) won’t explain my reasoning behind said places outside of a few words. Let’s get into this!

  1. Canada–I’ve been to Canada before…sort of. I was little when I did, and all I did was visit Niagra Falls (which is awesome!), but I want to go to a full-blown city some day. Like Ottawa, or Vancouver, or Montreal, or…something. Not Edmonton, though…that’s too far north. I have no idea what Canada has to offer and that excites me!
  2. Great Britain–My friend did a study abroad program through his university and went to Great Britain in 2015 (I think he was mainly in England), but while he was there he actually got to go through almost all of Europe, which was awesome. I’ve seen all of the pictures he posted and it made me want to go experience the place myself!
  3. Germany–I’ve been to Germany twice, but I was three and eight respectively, so I don’t remember anything at all. I have family in Germany, so I’d most likely have a place to stay if I went (hopefully), and really it would be the most amazing trip. I just really want to go back and experience the culture and everything the country has to offer.
  4. Italy–I want to go to three cities in particular: Venice, Rome, and Milan. Honestly I don’t even know why I want to go to Italy…I just want to go to Italy. I’ve heard the country is beautiful and all the good stuff people can say about it, but I’m not really sure why I want to go. Maybe it was all the Assassin’s Creed 2 and Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood I played when I was younger…?
  5. Australia–Okay, disclaimer here: I want to go to Australia, but I don’t want to interact with any of the fucking wildlife. Not really anyway. My mom and aunt went to Australia when I was little and they loved it–seeing the kangaroos and the wallabies and…whatever else they saw. I even got a boomerang as a souvenir! I don’t remember where they went, but I guess they had an amazing time. Also, my friend went to Australia over the summer (northern hemisphere summer) in 2016 (the same friend that went to GB to study abroad…the guy literally went around the world in practically a seven month span!) and stayed in Sydney, which he loved. I’m not sure where exactly I’d like to go if I ever visit Australia, but I know I want to go…I want to experience that country!!

That’s about it for this post!! Just a list of where I want to go in my lifetime! Also (if I ever end up going to any of these countries): if anyone would let me crash for a night or two that’d be awesome–since I know at least three of my followers are from some countries I listed…..

Bad joke? Hmm…bad joke is bad. Okay, sorry!

Anyway, that’s all from me! Thanks for reading!

Alexie 🙂

7 thoughts on “Places I Want To Visit

  1. Yes please come to Britain, we have nice food! If you ever do come to Britain, please be sure to get battered fish and chips from a proper fish and chip shop, maybe a battered sausage too. If you are looking for a specific place to visit, I’d either recommend London for all its galleries and other cool stuff, or Leeds because it has wonderful architecture and a fabulous art gallery.

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  2. Despite being a big city, Toronto isn’t great for tourism I think. I might be a bit biased cause I live in the Greater Toronto Area, but it’s a pretty lifeless city.

    Montreal and Ottawa are great.
    Vancouver is nice too. and has the huge bonus of the mountains which you can see from the city. Whistler is also very nice and not far from Vancouver, very scenic drive.

    My 2 cents on Canada at least haha

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