Shows I Watched, Shows I Didn’t Finish, and Shows I’m Watching

Hello all you wonderful people! I’m still inside as Michigan has become a disgusting, ice-covered mess as of last night, so I’m doing nothing again today! With that said, last night I went through a list of shows I’ve watched since the Summer 2018 season and got some good laughs out of myself for my poor watch record.

Now, I will say that I don’t watch the most anime in the world, even though I enjoy it more than many other mediums of visual consumption, but my list is horrendous! In total, I’ve started seventeen anime between the summer 2018 season and now. I’ve only finished or continued five of these shows. So, what did I watch and what did I never finish? Let’s get into that!


Summer 2018:

  • Attack on Titan—one of the shows I’ve been watching since I can first remember it airing for the United States. I FINISHED THIS ONE!!
  • How Not to Summon a Demon Lord—I don’t think I finished this one, sadly…My friend yelled at me for not completing this after I moved into my current house. I should make good on completing it some time…
  • Banana Fish—Hate me all you want, but I never finished this show—even though it’s amazing in many aspects.
  • Hanebado—Nope, never finished this one. I got to episode 10 or 11 I think. Why I never finished it I don’t know, but I didn’t. And I was so close, too!
  • Harukana Receive—A show I actually enjoyed and was looking forward to finishing! I got caught up in other aspects of my life and only made it through 8 or 9 episodes of this one.
  • Master of Ragnarok and Blesser of Einherjar—Almost finished this one, but again stopped watching a few episodes before the season finale. A shame, really, I think…
  • Sirius the Jaeger—I didn’t watch this when it aired. Instead I saw this when it hit Netflix, which was a few weeks ago or something. And I binge-watched it! It was great in my book and I want a second season. ANOTHER FINISH!!

Fall/Autumn 2018:

  • Goblin Slayer—Got through two episodes, enjoyed it enough to tell myself I’d keep watching it, and didn’t.
  • Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai—I truly enjoyed this series, and was hopeful that I’d finish the season having watched this week-by-week. Sadly, I did not. I’ll have to go back and finish this one
  • Irozuku: The World in Colors—I absolutely loved the animation and artwork in this show, and it grasped my like no other show has in some time. Once again, though, I have yet to finish. I am currently on episode 10…
  • SAO: Alicization—I caught up with this one! I’m actually watching SAO! Hurray me! This is one I will finish!
  • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime—I’m finally caught up on this show after being absent from it for five weeks! Yep! That’s fantastic in my book, and I’m enjoying the over-powered aspect of the main characters. This is another I’ll finish for sure…I think?
  • Tsurune—I FINISHED TSURUNE!!! and it was beautiful and wonderful and everything about it made me happy, even if the final match was a bit unbelievable. Still, I loved the finale and I think I’m going to watch it again for the hell of it.


What I’m Watching: Winter 2019

My watch list for the Winter 2019 season is a bit short, but I’m enjoying it nonetheless and I’m excited for how things are going to turn out in the six shows I have going.

  • Rising of the Shield Hero—this one is interesting and I’m excited to see where it’s going.
  • The Promised Neverland—I started reading the manga a few years ago and I’m so stoked that the anime is here. This is one I’m going to finish 100% because I’ve been invested in the story for so long.
  • Kakegurui season 2—Girl getting off to gambling? I may have mentioned this before, but I picked the manga up on a whim a few months before the anime first aired on Netflix and I enjoy the series.
  • SLIME-SAN!!! I want to finish this!
  • SAO: Alicization—We have good SAO again. What can go wrong?
  • Boogiepop—I’m behind on this already, but that’s okay because I can binge-watch it when I have time.


And that’s that everyone! I have a few shows from previous seasons I should probably finish (because I don’t like not finishing something once I’ve invested time into it), and I excited for the current season! All-in-all I’m having a great time watching anime, even if I’m not watching very many shows. I can only pay attention to so much at once!


Thanks for reading!

Alexie 🙂

2 thoughts on “Shows I Watched, Shows I Didn’t Finish, and Shows I’m Watching

  1. I FINISHED AOT TOO!! Yay, we can celebrate together lol. I’m working (slowly) on finishing stuff from last year while trying to stay caught up on current simulcasts the best that I can. We’ll see if I can be successful. Happy watching to you!

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