Me: Alexie the Great

Hello again! I’ll save you all the long-winded introduction I normally have, as I’m sporadic in my posts (which makes me feel bad, so I tend to say too much about how wonderful you all are), and this time I’ll get right to the content.

It’s time to learn about me! Yeah, I’m going to open up here and talk about myself: what are my interests; what do I actually enjoy doing; what do I do in my spare time; what do I hate, what do I love (wait, isn’t that like interests?); what I eat; what I listen to…all that good stuff! Let’s go!

My name is Alex, but I’ve taken to Alexie the Great here for shits and giggles. It’s an enjoyable nom de guerre courtesy of Irina, I think, that I’ve used here and on Twitter for about six months. Why? Honestly, I have no idea; I like to have fun with myself (no, you heathens, not like that) and make horrible jokes. In reality I’m a reserved person and I don’t like talking to other people—at least in person. I also don’t trust people often, as people have a tendency to stab me in the back, or create some sort of havoc in my life that I’d rather not deal with. Perhaps that’s simply my own insecurities, and me not being able to understand that the past is the past, but life is life, and I’m still learning how to go about things—even at twenty-five years old.

I have a small group of friends, and I like to keep it that way. There’s me, my twin brother, my two roommates, and about four or five others that I really have taken a liking to in recent months. Before that, though, I had myself and my brother; I suppose that means I’ve finally gotten to the point where I can trust and open up to people, no? (Took you long enough, you idiot… Yeah, thanks, shut up Alex.)

Anyway, we have an odd sense of humor when we’re together, and we love to play games. There’s a game called Quiplash that my friends and I enjoy because we can let loose and give each other as much shit as we can think of, getting laughs out of one another, and making each other feel good about being in the group we have. We also play old school video games. Well, old school for us. See, I’m actually the oldest of my friend group, and my brother and I are pretty much the only ones who still have any of the older gaming consoles that had so many diverse games and enjoyable moments. A few of us love to play the Nintendo 64. Yeah, still have that thanks to my brother and me. Luckily the multiplayer games still work (I wish I could say that for Ocarina of Time, but I got a bunch of Japanese characters and odd symbols the last time I played, so I don’t want to completely fuck that game up any more than it already is), so we can play Mario Kart, Super Smash Brothers, Diddy-Kong Racing, Golden Eye, and a slew of others. All-in-all we have fun together, and I love playing those games. I wish I could say the same about a lot of the newer games for the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, but nope, can’t do that. I feel like games have gotten worse over the years to be honest, so I don’t play as much anymore.

However, that’s not all there is to me. Obviously those reading this know I love anime, and with that, I’ll make this portion quick. I love anime. There. Done. Section over. Just kidding! Anyway, yeah, I love anime, but really I don’t get to talk about it much because I have no idea who in my group of friends actually likes it—if I were to guess it would be none except my brother. That’s why I enjoy having this blog and using my twitter to talk about all the anime stuff. People here and there care like I do and enjoy it like I do!

I also read a lot. And I mean a lot. I am currently reading four titles: Red Sister by Mark Lawrence; Age of Myth by Michael J. Sullivan; On Writing by Stephen King; and Death Note by…honestly I’m not sure, and I’d rather not look it up or find my edition, sorry. I read all the time when I’m not writing or watching television and that happens to take up about seventy percent of my day. I also write, but reading is probably in the forefront there at the moment. I’m having a tough time getting anything down on paper right now for this novel I’ve started, so I’m looking for inspiration and reading what I can to get my creative juices running again. Writing is hard. It really is… I also write to specific music—which may or may not be odd, I’m not sure. Currently I’ve had the most success writing when I’m listening to the band Marianas Trench (thank you, brother, for introducing me!)

Now, on to another topic: Music! Music is my life, it’s something I can’t go without unless I’m sleeping or working. I’m always listening to music when I’m able. I tend to drift more toward the rock genre, but in reality I’ll listen to anything. And I mean anything. Why rock? I think it has to do with the instrumentals…I love some good guitar, a good percussionist, keyboards, and whatever else may be implemented into a rock song. Although, most of the lyrics I’ve heard in rock songs resonate with me in certain ways, so there’s always that. In reality, though, I’ll go from rock to country, EDM to metal, bluegrass with no lyrics to classical…I’ll listen to anything. I have songs in Japanese, Gaelic, German, English, French, and Spanish on my laptop and phone, so when I say anything I mean anything. While I may not enjoy certain genres and languages as much as rock in English, I’ll still listen to them if I like the tempo, the instruments, and whatever else goes into the song. My favorite band, though, is the Australian rock group Hands Like Houses—their songs resonated with me as soon as I heard them, and they connected with my on a deep emotional level. I can’t hate music; it’s not possible for me to hate music. Spiders, though? Yeah…

Fuck spiders! Spiders and clowns are two things I absolutely hate. I can’t explain it, really, but I can not stand them. I actually do suffer from arachnophobia, which is fantastic let me tell you, but clowns are simple creepy as hell. I can’t deal with clowns. Who would dress up in colorful clothes and odd polka dots and do what clowns do? They’re creepy. No thank you. Fuck clowns, fuck spiders. Ugh…

I also love roleplaying. I think this comes from my love of reading and writing, but immersing myself in a different world and becoming someone I’m not for a few hours every week to laugh and joke and be serious about things that don’t matter at all is enjoyable to me. However, the next time I’ll be in a roleplaying I’ll be the guide, I’ll be the one trying to kill the player characters (or, you know, messing with them enough to make it stressful at times). I’m very excited for that. I think I posted about that either yesterday or a few days ago, so check that out if you’d like! (it’s here!)


I think that just about does it for this post. This is just a bit about me as I don’t want to get too long-winded and write some sort of autobiography as a wordpress post. No thank you! I’ll pass go and collect my $200, please. Thank you very much!


Thanks for reading!

Alexie 🙂

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