Favorite Male Characters with Long Hair

Hello! Hi there you amazing people!

This post is really just going to be a list,  I don’t have much to say about these people, but I really love their hair. Five of my favorite male characters with long hair! Let’s get into this!

Neji Hyuuga–Why Neji? Well, anyone who has seen anything from Naruto should know that Neji is awesome and has amazing capabilities with his Byakugan, and the fact that he’s got long hair makes him even better! However, Neji’s story still gets to me after all this time, considering the fact that I didn’t see his death coming. It’s sad, and he had so much potential!long hair neji

Edward Elric–Ed….ward? Okay, sorry for that, but I had to make the joke. Anyway, Ed’s hair is freaking amazing. I mean, he’s got it braided for fuck’s sake! BRAIDED! And it’s so blond! Ed’s cool and all, but I think his hair is wonderful, especially since it doesn’t seem long at first, and then you think about it and BAM! Braided, awesome-looking long hair! And Ed’s character in general is amazing.

long hair edward

Spirit Albarn–A hairstyle that’s not as long as Neji or Ed’s to be honest, but it’s still long, and Spirit is one of my favorite characters ever. He’s fairly easy-going, yet stern when he needs to be, and an absolute treat to see in Soul Eater. Spirit’s character is actually what got me to continue watching Soul Eater! I was always hoping to see him and learn how this daughter-obsessed, emotional man was doing and what situation he’d gotten himself into.long hair spirit

Kaname Kuran–I mean come on, look at him. He’s gorgeous. Kaname, practically king of the Night Class at Cross Academy, and a hell of a vampire–although the whole marrying his sister/relative thing is a bit odd, but pureblood am I right?long hair kaname

Rimuru Tempest–Yup! I’m going with our friendly neighborhood slime! Rimuru takes a human form when he feels like it, usually when he needs to interact with people, and he comes away with long, light blue hair! Okay, I know he’s a slime and all but androgynous while in human form, but still–Rimuru started the series as a man, so whatever. And that hair is amazing! It’s so pretty to see in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime!long hair rimuru

And that, ladies and gentlemen, are five of my favorite male characters with long hair! I can do shorter posts when I don’t have much to say and want to do a top five! All in all, I think I did this post because I myself have long hair and love it, but whatever. It was pretty fun to go through all the male characters I know with long hair and narrow them down to a top five. While it was a bit difficult (I’d been thinking this over for a few days), I think I came up with a fairly decent list for myself!

If you have more male characters with long hair that you enjoyed seeing I’d love to know which characters you would put on a list!

Anyway, thanks for reading!

Alexie 🙂


5 thoughts on “Favorite Male Characters with Long Hair

  1. I recently updated my top 5 list and added Takato from Dakaichi (he doesn’t actually have long hair but he had long hair in the play he was in and wow he looked amazing). Long hair is amazing and anime hair is sometimes incredible.

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    1. It is amazing, even if it’s a complete pain in the ass to take care of (mine has officially reached my shoulders). I don’t know if I read your list! I’ll have to check it out now!
      If I think about it, Kaname is one of the reasons I grew mine out and have kept it long. Oh, anime…making physical life choices for me.


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