Valentine’s Special: Who Would I Want As My Valentine?

Hello all you wonderful people! I figured I’d go with a post I normally wouldn’t do to stretch my creative mind. So, a Valentine’s Special! Who would I want as my valentine? (This is a list including 3 female characters, because I’m forcing myself to narrow it down A LOT)….Let’s get into this!

  1. Okay, this one technically isn’t an anime character, but bear with me because I have an obsession with this character: Korra–the fucking Avatar, yeah. I absolutely one hundred percent love Korra. She’s headstrong when we first meet her, passing her firebending exam and being a hothead that enjoys being active and listening to pro bending matches, and eventually, over the course of the series, she learns that it’s okay to be weak in some instances, it’s okay to rely on others for help even when you don’t want it or need it, and it’s okay to express yourself and your emotions to those around you who are simply trying to help the best they can. Korra’s growth as a character truly impressed me, and the way she went from a complete hot-head to somebody who was able to connect with others on an emotional level, to be empathetic toward her friends, mentors, and the citizens of Republic City and the world, truly shows how she’ll do everything she can to keep things balanced and peaceful, and be true to herself through anything–even if she has to show her force to do it. Korra lost herself along the way, trusting nobody, leaning on nobody, but eventually she was able to overcome her single-mindedness, her inability to rely on others after she felt she’d let them down and lost their trust, and grow into an amazing woman. Now, yes, I know she’s lesbian. I get that. But seriously, Korra’s amazing in every way and ugh….I just love her.valentines post korra
  2. I really think Sakura (from Naruto) would be one of my top choices. She’s strong both mentally and physically, she carries herself well, and when people mess with those she cares for, she takes it personally. I mean, if you follow Boruto at all, look at the lengths she went to protect Sarada? She messed people up for that! And, in Naruto, well, she protected Sasuke and Naruto during the chunin exams, she became Tsunade’s pupil and learned techniques from her, and she was able to summon Katsuyu to protect the Allied Shinobi Forces during the war. She has a protective nature, but when she gets angry, she’s not one to be messed with. While I don’t know if I would be able to handle her anger in all honesty, I think Sakura would be a pleasure. She’s kind, looks out for other’s well-being, and cares about those close to her in ways not many characters truly do–even if she’s had her obsessive moments (but, let’s be honest, who didn’t at a young age?)valentines post sakura
  3. Saeko Busujima is my final choice. Why Saeko? Well, she’s amazing with a sword, wooden or folded steel, whichever she has. And, really, she’s one of the most caring female characters I’ve seen. While she may come off as a completely headstrong, bashful individual, Saeko is truly more than that. Sure, she displays sadistic tendencies when fighting against the zombies (which I actually like about her character), but she also has a limit. She couldn’t kill children, which shows that she’s actually not totally sadistic and has morals. She’d most likely make a good mother if she ever had kids, considering zombie children could have eaten her alive and she didn’t end them. How would she fair with actual children? I believe she would love them with whatever she could give. She’s also got jealousy, which in all honesty I think is cute in her character. We’re given a violent, sadistic, headstrong woman who is a goddess at destroying zombies, only to realize that she actually cares about her friends and group-mates during this apocalypse. She’s jealous of the relationship Takashi and Rei have, and I believe that plays more into her character than anything else. Saeko has, according to the anime, only ever liked one boy, so she’s new to the whole feelings thing I guess, and that innocence plays into what I like about her. She might not be the purest person, and her violent tendencies might be a bit odd mixed with the sadism, but all in all, she’d probably be a gentle person if she wasn’t stuck in a zombie apocalypse if she had the chance. Plus, in all honest, Saeko is gorgeous. I mean really, she’s just gorgeous…valentines post saeko


Honorable Mentions: Satellizer el Bridget (Freezing/Freezing Vibration), Taiga (Toradora), Revy (Black Lagoon), Hinata (Naruto)

Valentine’s Day is always an odd one for me, because I don’t think anyone should put more stock into caring about people on one day than they do on any other day, so yeah. This little post was just something that popped into my head because of the whole “Valentine’s Day! Ahhh!!’ stuff going around in my life. Anyway, that does it for me on this post! Thanks for taking the time to read it!


Alexie 🙂

(NOTE: I don’t own these photos and they were searched online, I would put the artists names for credit, but I don’t know who did any of it)

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