Trip Update! I’ve Arrived!

Hello all you wonderful people!

So, I know I recently posted about taking a break for my vacation, but I’m here to say I made it to my destination! Going from the frigid Midwestern state of Michigan, I’m happy and utterly shocked at the temperature difference. Even 80 degrees Fahrenheit (25-26ish? for you Celsius folk) is ridiculous right now.

Also, my friends and I ended up in Orlando, Florida instead of Texas, so that’s something new. Maybe we’ll go to Disney or an amusement park on of the days we’re here. I’m not sure yet.

I left out some bedroom pictures because bedrooms aren’t exciting unless…well, you know.

So yeah, that’s about it on my end for this. The house we’re at is amazing, and I’m actually surprised at how well-kept it was upon our arrival last night. After almost twenty hours of travel it’s time to relax, sit by the private pool, tan, and drink ourselves stupid. Okay, that last part might not happen, but we’ll see…

Thanks for reading!

Alexie 🙂

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