Stray Dogs, Awesome Abilities: Five Favorites From Bungou Stray Dogs

Hello all you wonderful people! It’s been a while for me here, but I’m still alive (and as active as ever on Twitter). Today, in lieu of Bungou Stray Dogs season 3, having finally seen the movie Dead Apple (WATCH IT…well, watch seasons 1 and 2 first), and talking with the amazing Alyssa, or Ayano as she’s more known here, I’ve got my favorite abilities from Bungou Stray Dogs! But first, check out THIS POST! It’s a Top Ten Tuesday feature by Ayano herself!

Am I copying a post? Eh…let’s not call it that, but I did help her decide on what her TTT feature would be, so why not do my own favorites. I like the sound of that! These abilities will be in no particular order, and there will probably be one or two honorable mentions, but they just miss out on my top five list. Let’s get into this!

Atsushi: Beast Beneath the Moonlight– Okay, while I hate Atsushi as a character because I honestly believe he’s worthless and obsessed with Kyouka, his ability is pretty dang awesome. Beast Beneath the Moonlight allows him to take the form of a giant tiger, in a sense, and it’s fantastic. He practically gets super speed and super strength all in one while looking badass. And it’s an awesome name for an ability, don’t you think?

beast beneath the moonlight
This isn’t even my final form! But seriously, it’s not his final form…


Nathaniel Hawthorne: The Scarlet Letter– I actually really enjoy seeing Nathaniel Hawthorne’s ability. He can convert his own blood into holy words and use them as weapons. So, the more he bleeds the stronger he can actually become. That’s amazing in my eyes, but it’s also probably one of the biggest double-edge swords I’ve ever heard of. Because, well, he’s human so losing too much blood means he’d die, but his ability would be crazy powerful.

the scarlet letter hawthorne
I wish Hawthorne stood a chance…

Akutagawa: Rashomon– I’ll be short about Akutagawa even though he’s my favorite ability user in BSD. Rashomon is amazing! It’s summoned from Akutagawa’s coat, which looks awesome by the way, but isn’t limited to just his coat. Rashomon is a shadow-like beast that can shoot out like beams to attack and defend Akutagawa at the same time. Oh, and there are an insane amount of variations to Rashomon as well! I won’t go into detail about these, though, as there are quite a few, but here they are!

  • Spider Thread
  • Jaws
  • Swarm
  • Early Blooming Sakura
  • Budding Bracken
  • Prison Jaws–a variation of Jaws
  • Endless Jaws–a variation of Jaws
  • Devoured Space
  • Demonic Armor
rashomon demonic armor
Demonic Armor Rashomon!! SO EPIC!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Dazai: No Longer Human–Okay, what can I really say about this ability that won’t make it sound absolutely amazing? Probably nothing. Dazai’s No Longer Human is an ability that nullifies another users ability when he touches them! Yes, that’s how amazing his ability is. He doesn’t need to activate it as it’s always active, but he does need to have physical contact with the person/ability to get rid of the ability. All in all it’s actually fantastic and seeing it in the show is a real treat considering Dazai’s personality and demeanor. He’s a great character and No Longer Human is one of the best abilities I’ve seen.

no longer human dazai
Dazai isn’t fair. But he’s so amazing and ridiculous

Yumeno (or Q): Dogra Magra–Uh, not a lot to say about this other than the fact that Dogra Magra is a fantastic ability. As soon as Yumeno or Q comes in contact with another person or does something to them, that person has hurt Q, and the Dogra Magra ravishes the “assailant’s” mind. It’s a mind control ability that needs this specific contact, but it completely destroys the mind of whomever is afflicted by the curse. So, hurt the doll and you’ll be completely destroyed mentally by this ability as it controls your mind and makes you go completely insane. It’s a crazy ability to think about, and really there isn’t any way to stop it as far as anyone knows with the exception of Dazai’s No Longer Human (the nullification ability).

yumeno bungou stray dogs
Creepy girl/boy thing…creepy doll. No touchy!


Honorable Mentions:

Kyouka: Demon Snow–A sword wielding phantom Kyouka can control with a phone she always carried with her. It’s crazy powerful and awesome, but just missed out on my top five list.

kyouka demon snow
Don’t slice me with that sword, please!

Chuuya: For the Tainted Sorrow/Corruption–A gravity-control ability that allows Chuuya to do whatever he pleases with the density of the gravity in a specific area. It enables him to practically fly, destroy buildings entirely, and whatever else gravity can do. Oh, and his true form of Corruption releases the stability he has over For the Tainted Sorrow, which magnifies its effect and all sorts of goodness. (If you ever watch the Dead Apple movie you’ll know what I’m talking about.) Still, though, Chuuya just missed out on my top five.

chuuya bsd gif
So powerful! Much strength!

That’s all from me for today! It’s good to finally be back writing random posts and whatnot for all you wonderful people! And if you haven’t yet, click that hyperlink I posted and check out Alyssa’s top ten Bungou Stray Dogs post! It’s a good one!


Thanks for reading!

Alexie 🙂


4 thoughts on “Stray Dogs, Awesome Abilities: Five Favorites From Bungou Stray Dogs

    1. I’m glad you liked it! There are so many fun abilities in the show it’s crazy. I had to do something after convincing you to do your top ten and watching Dead Apple.! 😀

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    1. It does seem like he could be utilized more, and his ability seems to be under-developed to some extent. I feel he’s almost used as comedic relief while bordering on seriousness. Doppo Poet has to have something more we can enjoy. Hopefully season 3 gives it some fleshing out.

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