Pretty Women!! Is this a top five? No, but here’s a few of them!

Hello wonderful people! It’s time for another post from me since I have the time and energy! While thinking about this post, I realized that I could probably list five characters from Violet Evergarden and call it good, but I don’t want to do that, I just want to go through some attractive characters!

Here we go!

  1. Cattleya Baudelaire–A character of the aforementioned Violet Evergarden. I love Cattleya to be honest. She’s genuine, she’s pretty, she’s good at her job, and she’s highly sought after as an auto memory doll. With that, we got a decent showing of both her personality when she was on screen as well as her physical appearance. And come on, she’s gorgeous! To Cattleya!
    Cattleya picture
    I love her so much. She’s so pretty!
  2. Jeanne d’Arc (Ruler)–From one of the Fate installments that for some reason I didn’t enjoy quite as much as the others (Apocrypha), we have another stunning woman! Jeanne d’Arc is the main female protagonist of the Apocrypha and as the Ruler class, she can command other servants using command spells. While I don’t want to get into the nuances of the overall Fate series, or this installment, I absolutely love Jeanne d’Arc’s appearance!
    Jeanne d'Arc Fate Apocrypha
    I’m not usually into blondes, but LOOK AT HER!
  3. Ino Yamanaka–Okay, I’ll be honest, I hated Ino’s appearance and personality in the first portion of the Naruto series. While she became more interesting after the time jump, I think it too a while for her to actually become a decent character. Some people may disagree with me, I’m sure, but I really grew to enjoy her role–especially in the Fourth Ninja War. Oh, and uh, her appearance in Naruto: The Last movie? Yeah…..
    Ino Yamanaka Naruto the Last
    Yeah, like I said about blondes…. I didn’t lie, but FUCK. Ino got hot…

Okay, one honorable mention, because she’s not an “anime” character, but I absolutely friggin’ love her…..

Korra! The AVATAR! Yeah….. note: this picture is my computer background, and this is the link to the artist’s page on DeviantArt. Seriously, whomever this is, their work is absolutely fucking stunning. Definitely go check this account out, there’s so much content from so many different sources!

avatar korra

And there you have it! Four characters that I think are actually attractive! It’s not much, but that’s what I have. If you have any you’d like to contribute in the comments I’d love to know! A larger list consisting of many people would be even better than a few from me!

Thanks for reading!

Alexie πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Pretty Women!! Is this a top five? No, but here’s a few of them!

    1. I would love to get a two or three episode arc of her life. Just to see who she was before becoming a doll and what brought her to that profession. The more time she spends on screen the better.

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