Idea: Anime Song Tournament

So, I just posted a tweet about this, but I’m curious if it will even work considering my following both on Twitter and here on my blog, but it sounds fun to me.

An anime song tournament! Yes. I don’t quite know how/where I would be able to do this, but I was thinking of taking 16 songs from anime–OPs, EDs, OST songs, and possibly mid-show songs, and putting them into a bracket.

Each week will consist of whatever round it is, so week one would narrow the field to 8 contestants, week two to 4 constestants, and then the final matchup in week three.

I wanted to base this off as many people’s votes as possible, but like I said, my followings here and on Twitter are miniscule compared to others, so votes would probably be quite low.

I don’t know. Would anyone be interested in this type of thing? Is it viable?

Also, you’d be welcome to suggest songs so I can pick and choose, or even expand the field to even more.

Let me know what you think!!

Thanks for reading!

Alexie πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Idea: Anime Song Tournament

    1. It probably would be difficult for me to set up considering I really have no idea what I’d be getting myself in to, but it’s a possibility. Would also require a decent following and interaction each week…something I don’t have at the moment if I’m totally honest. More thought must go into this…


    1. You can DM me on twitter or reply to the tweet I’m going to spam for a few days with as many as you want! That’ll be the best way to ensure I read your list! 😁


    1. I could! That’s an idea I’ll keep in the back of my head if I can’t find a bracket maker thing online. Might even go more simple and post a drawn bracket on twitter and here then tally votes. So many options…..

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