I Looked At the Summer 2019 List… I Chose THREE

Hello wonderful people. I hope you’re well!

The Summer 2019 Anime List (or lists) have been released, and really, I chose three.

Yeah, so as of right now I don’t really have anything to watch. I’m sure that when I start watching through the season I’ll pick up more shows, try others and maybe drop them (even though I don’t usually drop shows) but I’m actually shocked that while reading synopses I chose three anime.

Three! Okay, I’m probably over-stating that fact by now, but it’s shocking to me. For the Winter 2019 season I had the most shows on my list than I ever had before; for the Spring 2019 season I had a fair amount of shows, but dropped some and have continued with what I enjoyed.

So, for the Summer 2019 season here is my list after reading the synopses: DanMachi season 2, Dr. Stone, and Vinland Saga. Vinland Saga looks interesting to me, but I think my main reason for wanting to pick it up for next season was hearing that Survive Said The Prophet was chosen for the OP. I sort of love SSTP and I really hope that I’ll be able to hear that OP (both the OP version and entire song) soon.

Vinland Saga

Dr. Stone is one that I started reading as a recommendation of a friend of mine (it’s that same friend as always..perhaps I should give him a name on here…) I began to really enjoy it after the first few chapters. It’s a scientific adventure story. The population of the world is turned to stone after some phenomenon, after thousands of years some peoples’ stone cracks and flakes away, but they’re alive somehow (don’t ask, just let it happen). And from there….they start off in the stone age, or before? Something like that. Inventions, time-jumps in technology, and survival are what define this story for me so far (I’m not too far into it,) but I’m enjoying it. It’s different, but intriguing in a way. Also, BURNOUT SYNDROMES is doing the OP. If you don’t know BURNOUT SYNDROMES they had two songs chosen for Haikyuu!! (Fly High and Hikari Are)

Dr. Stone

DanMachi is DanMachi…I don’t really need to explain why I’m going to watch season 2 do I? No, I don’t think so…

DanMachi s2

And that’s about it for me! What shows have you chosen if you’ve looked at the Summer 2019 list? Do you have more than three that look/sound interesting to you at the moment? Let me know in the comments below and we can have a chat!

Thanks for reading!

Alexie 🙂

3 thoughts on “I Looked At the Summer 2019 List… I Chose THREE

    1. I don’t know how many shows I’ll actually be watching (I’m sure I’ll have a larger list when the season gets going), but DanMachi is one of those I’ve wanted more of for a while. I’m excited for Bell again

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