I joined….another blog! I’m an official Panda!

That’s right, folks. I joined another blog to extend my adventure in this amazing community.


Check that out! I have officially joined Alyssa (Ayano) at KawaiiPaperPandas (are there spaces in that?)… I’m beyond excited.

Our schedule as of now has me writing every Monday on her blog, and every other Tuesday because she’s got TTT stuff to put out. I’m probably going to add my own Top Five Tuesdays on my days *gets calendar out*

I may have other posts to put on that blog, too, like Thursdays or something, but we’ll see. I’m super excited for this! It’s going to be wonderful.

My first post on KawaiiPaperPandas is going to be July 1st, so keep your eyes open for that!

Don’t worry, though, this blog will still be active. I have even more incentive to keep writing here on WordPress!

That does it for me!

As always: thanks for reading!

Alexie 🙂

(P.S. I have no idea where the feature image came from. If anyone can help with that I’d appreciate it. I don’t want to just steal artwork…)

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