Anime Song Tournament: THE CHAMPION

Hello all you wonderful people!

The anime song tournament has come to a close! We have our winner! In the finals, “Crossing Field” of SAO took on “Yume Tourou” of Your Name! Let’s take a look at their respective trips to the finals and then crown our champion!


“Crossing Field”

In round 1, “Crossing Field” took on “Lily” of Bungo Stray Dogs and won in a blowout 11-4. In round 2, “Crossing Field” put away “Merry-Go-Round of Life” from Howl’s Moving Castle with a score of 4-2. The semi-final round proved just as easy for “Crossing Field” as it took out Attack on Titan’s “Red Swan” 6-3.

“Yume Tourou”

In round 1, “Yume Tourou” was up against “Rodeo” of Fairy Gone and won handily 8-5. Round 2 was even easier for “Yume Tourou” as it dominated “Haruka Kanata” from Naruto 5-0. The semi-final round kept “Yume Tourou” rolling as it defeated “Setsuna no Ai” of Bungo Stray Dogs in a tight match 5-4.


The finals: “Crossing Field” vs “Yume Tourou”

Each of these songs had what I felt was an easy way to the finals. There were some close match-ups between other songs, but for the most part these songs escaped their opponents unscathed. Sword Art Online takes on Your Name in a showdown to crown the champion. Who came out on top?!?


With a final score of 5-2….

it's treason then
How I felt….Okay, just kidding.


CROSSING FIELD of Sword Art Online wins the tournament!

Hurray!! We have a winner! We have a champion! Woohoo!! All Star Wars related jokes aside, I’m excited this tournament actually panned out in a decent manner! Congratulations to “Crossing Field” of Sword Art Online!

song tournament winner celebration
SAO fans


And with that our tournament and these posts comes to a close!

Thank you all for voting during each round and sharing this tournament on twitter and being awesome people! You made this happen. You voted, you decided who would advance, and you chose the winner!

Thank you!


That’s all for me here!


Thanks for reading!


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