Top Five Tuesday: Anime OPs/EDs (Music Only)

Hello all you wonderful people! I hope you’ve been well!

I’m back with another top five post! This time, anime OPs and EDs paying attention to only the music. I know more goes into the OPs and EDs, but I don’t want to talk about animation quality and cutting through scenes like they do to grab peoples’ attention. All I want to do is give you five of my favorite based on the music alone. However, unlike the other lists I’ve done like this, I’m only going to do 2019 anime! I know if I were to do a top five of everything I’ve seen there would be little to no change in my list from previous iterations, with “found & lost” (Banana Fish), “Hikari Are” (Haikyuu!!), and “My Soul, Your Beats” (Angel Beats) taking at least three of the top spots.

Let’s get into Alexie’s more current top five anime OPs/EDs Music Edition in no particular order!


  • The Promised Neverland OP:
    • UVERworld, “Touch Off”–a mix of jazz and rock and pop in this song that gets me going every time I listen to it. The opening saxophone is amazing, and mixing in the rock aspects with electric guitars and drums makes this song a joy to listen to! You can listen here
  • Domestic Girlfriend OP:
    • Minami, “Kawaki wo ameku”–a lyric-heavy song that brims with emotion is the best way I can describe this song. The instrumentals are good, but the lyrical aspect of this song is what makes it amazing for me. Lyrical, some good guitars, and a wonderful piano round out this song for me. I know it’s not for everyone, but I love it! You can listen to it here!
  • Bungou Stray Dogs OP:
    • Granrodeo, “Setsuna no Ai”–lyrics, heavy guitars, and drums that compliment these two elements makes this one of my favorite OPs of recent seasons. Maybe I have a huge leaning toward guitars and rock songs, but I think this OP did well in conveying the emotion of the show–heavy, back and forth, but complimentary. “Setsuna no Ai” is here
  • Carole & Tuesday OP:
    • Vo.Nai BrXX & Celeina Ann, “Kiss Me”–upbeat with pretty lyrics that don’t overwhelm the other aspects of the song. Acoustic guitar sounds compliment the lyrics of the song and make it a calming, enjoyable listen. Everything about this OP is fantastic. “Kiss Me” can be heard here
  • Vinland Saga OP:
    • Survive Said the Prophet, “Mukanjyo”–the guitars of this OP set the stage with quiet lyrics to start us off, but after a short bridge of lyrics we get into the chorus, where the instrumentals pick up in volume, creating a heavier song that flow through while backing the lyrics. Even at the end we get even heavier, with belting lyrics and massive guitar sounds ending in an emotional scream from Survive Said the Prophet’s lead singer. Emotional, heavy, and wonderful. You can hear “Mukanjyo” here


And there you have it! My top five OP songs from 2019 so far based only on the music and not any animated aspect! Do you have any OPs that you enjoyed listening to within the last year? I’d love to know!


Thanks for reading!

Alexie 🙂

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