Anime I Can’t Watch: My Top Fears Stop Me

Hello there, everyone! This post is going to be short, but I’ve been thinking about shows I stopped watching or haven’t given a chance at watching because of specific fears I have in my own life. It’s a bit odd, but nonetheless I haven’t been able to actually watch specific anime or episodes of anime because of my top fears in life. Let’s get into this!

1. Hunter x Hunter

Yep, Hunter x Hunter is one show I can’t continue watching. I saw a few of the early episodes some time ago, but I never went back to actually watching the show. Why? Hisoka. Yeah… While I’ve heard he’s a decent character or whatever I still can’t get myself to watch the show because of him. And why is that? Well…he’s a clown! Or at least he looks like a clown. And I hate clowns. Clowns terrify me. I can’t see a clown without literally shaking and closing my eyes. Clowns are awful and scary and a whole bunch of NOPE for me! So, because I saw Hisoka whenever it was during the run of Hunter x Hunter, I can’t watch the show. It’s etched into my brain that his character is in it and I can’t deal with it.

2. Specific Demon Slayer Episodes

And we have spiders… Spiders are my number one fear, so those Demon Slayer episodes with the whole spider stuff going on and the thready web things and whatnot? Yeah, even though it’s animated and isn’t an actual spider I still can’t watch the episodes that deal with those characters. Why? Because seeing a spider character puts the thought of spiders in my mind, which in turn puts images of spiders in my mind, which in turn terrifies me. I’m odd, I know, but I can’t do it. Spiders are bad, mmkay?

3. Spider Riders

There’s an older show for me that I’ve heard about, and I will never (NEVER) watch any aspect of this show. Ever. The name puts fear in me to be honest. Spider Riders. Uh….spiders must be huge in this then, so no thank you. Not a thing. Never going to happen.
And that does it for this post. No pictures though, because I don’t want to even go through putting my anything from my top fears into this post other than writing short things about what I’ve avoided.

Are there any shows or episodes you struggle with watching or have sworn not to watch because you have fears that stop you? I’d love to know if that’s ever happened to anyone else!
Thanks for reading!

Alexie the Great 🙂


3 thoughts on “Anime I Can’t Watch: My Top Fears Stop Me

  1. Free is the only anime I’ve stopped watching and wont’t go back to and that’s because they tried to drown a character in the ocean at night (I watched long enough to know he survived and then I hit stop and called it a day). Most anime depict drowning so poorly and cheaply that it doesn’t trigger my own issues with it but Free actually made me invested in the character and then did a fairly realistic job of depicting a near ocean tragedy. Even though I’ve been told it doesn’t do it again, I was done with Free at that point.

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    1. That sounds horrifying. I had a close call with drowning when I was three or four, so I can totally understand why a realistic interpretation of drowning would trigger someone with their own issues.

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  2. This is a really interesting perspective, and something I’ve never really thought about before. Given that HxH is my favourite Anime, it saddens me that the creepy, pedophile, clown Hisoka is your reason to stop you from progressing, but I understand of course!

    I’m not one to get turned off from a series due to it representing my own phobias and anxieties, in fact I tend to appreciate when a show explores them as it helps me feel not alone, but it was interesting to see the opposite perspective too.

    Great post Alexie!

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