Update: I Have Health Anomalies…But They Could Be My Norm

Hello all you wonderful people! I hope you’re all doing well, because that would be fantastic. So, as the title of this post says, I have health anomalies–one dealing with my brain (which I’ve known about my entire life) and one with my heart.

So, just a quick thing here, because I don’t want to be too long explaining all this: I have fluid on my brain, but that’s been there my entire life and I had surgery to remove most of it when I was only a few days old. That doesn’t worry me at all, I’ve been me since then, so cool. The other part…well, apparently I have something different with one of my heart valves.

All this information came about last night when I apparently passed out, hit a desk, and was looking up at the ceiling and then my dad with my eyes open. And then I guess I passed out again on a futon in the living room. I don’t remember any of that. In the discharge papers from the hospital there’s a thing that says, “There is a left ventricular megaly which is likely a congenital variant.” So, there’s something different about my heart I guess.

So yeah… I went into the hospital and they did a CT scan, EKG, gave me IV fluids (I don’t like those, the fluid is cold and I don’t like it), and they also blood work. That was all interesting and the wiring and whatever was kind of annoying to be honest. I’m scheduled for an stress echocardiogram because of this variant, which is an ultrasound of my heart, but they’re going to put my heart under stress to see how it handles whatever stuff they put me through…I guess. I’m not entirely sure what’s going to happen to be honest. This’ll be in the next few months.

And that’s a thing for me. I’m exhausted. Pretty much always exhausted. Lethargic, mentally tired, my eyes droop, whatever. So, I think all of this has to do with the heart anomaly, which I’ll be getting checked out soon. Until then, probably not much blogging from me. It’s odd. I want to, but I’m too tired.

And that’s that! Doctors said not to worry too much because I’ve been in good health and still young, so I’ll be taking it day by day to limit the amount of stress I put on my body!


Thanks for reading

Alexie 🙂

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