Top Five Tuesday: Anime OPs/EDs (Music Only)

What are my top 5 anime OPs from 2019 so far? Find out here!


Favorite Alliances and Fighting Forces in Anime

What are some of my favorite alliances in anime?

So I’m Watching Some Shorts…

Hello wonderful people. I hope you're all doing well. This season has been one that, for the most part, I've enjoyed. I've been keeping up with a decent amount of shows (at least for myself) and continually look forward to the next week. Bungou Stray Dogs continues to impress me with how rich the characters … Continue reading So I’m Watching Some Shorts…

Top Three Main Cast Characters–Outside of the Main Protagonist

Hello all you wonderful people! I'm back with another post! This time: Three of my favorite main cast characters outside of the main protagonist. Yeah! That means: no Hinata (Haikyuu!!), no Emma (The Promised Neverland)....okay, I think you get it. Let's hop into this shall we?   Going off the first series I listed above......NISHINOYA! … Continue reading Top Three Main Cast Characters–Outside of the Main Protagonist

Idea: Anime Song Tournament

So, I just posted a tweet about this, but I'm curious if it will even work considering my following both on Twitter and here on my blog, but it sounds fun to me. An anime song tournament! Yes. I don't quite know how/where I would be able to do this, but I was thinking of … Continue reading Idea: Anime Song Tournament

My Winter 2019 Watch List (Sort of at our Mid-Season Mark)! It Grew! Exponentially!

My watch list for Winter 2019 grew... I'm excited for these shows!