Fan Service: I Think I’m a Hypocrite?

Well, I may or may not be a hypocrite when it comes to fan service, but in my eyes I think many people are hypocritical of fan service to be honest–some fan service works, some doesn’t. Some of the stuff that works is amazing and some of the stuff that doesn’t work is just there for comedy’s sake (so what purpose does it actually serve?)…

Regardless, I’m still hypocritical when it comes to fan service this season. I have two posts from two shows, Episode 2 of Harukana Receive and Episode 2 of How Not to Summon a Demon Lord that state opposite opinions regarding fan service in their episodes. However, there’s an explanation here:


How Not to Summon a Demon Lord is that cliche MMORPG-style, overpowered harem type show where the fan service is there for laughs but doesn’t make much sense and distorts the show’s plot and whatever else (in some cases). What the fan service for this show does makes little sense and doesn’t have logical reasoning behind it. It’s just a cliche adventure MMORPG harem episode where the main character love boobs, or could have sex with a character, and the characters get all innocent-but-ready and yadda-yadda. A butt shot while the guy carries a girl? Gah… The fan service is unnecessary, but still thrown in because why not, right?

Harukana Receive has the fan service built into the show based on the setting and what the characters are bound to wear regardless of what we think of it. It’s a beach volleyball show. What are they going to wear?!? They’re going to be wearing uniforms for beach volleyball, swimsuits, etc. There’s really not much else we can hope for is there?

haruka swimming
I mean, yeah, it’s super fan service, but she’s at a beach…

Now I will say that I went hardcore fanboy on Haruka in episode two even if the episode was more fan service than necessary, but still. Withholding nothing: if I were an anime character in that show I would totally go for Haruka. She’s tall, she’s got a smoking hot body. She’s got good boobs, she’s got a good butt….. she may be a little ditsy, but tall girls with nice bodies? Okay…okay, enough from me.

But!! There was still a part that I felt was unncessary….THIS ONE:

the unncessary boob shot harukana
Unnecessary boob shot here, I think…

Alex!!…my god that’s enough. For the love of…


Anyway, I realized that I was a hypocrite while at work today and wanted to say something about that. I think there’s a time and place for fan service, and if the fan service is directly affected by the setting (like a beach) then what else are we supposed to expect?


Alex 🙂


3 thoughts on “Fan Service: I Think I’m a Hypocrite?

  1. This is why the characters in most anime end up going to the beach at some point after all!
    Fanservice is a weird topic. I tend to not enjoy it in places where it’s unwarranted just like you. But sometimes it’s done well or just fits well with the anime. It does feel like sometimes an anime will go way too far out of it’s way for fanservice (like the obligaory “beach episode”) and that tends to irritate me, especially if the anime had a serious tone or wasn’t focused on fanservice at all.
    At least those two anime are honest about it and hold back nothing right? Better than disrupting a perfectly good anime to force some fanservice in.

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  2. Time and place, I get what you are saying here. There’s also a way to go about it too, if that makes sense? I was just saying to Irina on another post that if the, “fanservice” is sexually assaulting or raping a character and I’m to find that funny and/or sexy then there’s a problem even if it otherwise, “fits” so to speak.

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    1. Also, I’m just not that big of a fanservice fan in general. Just a note. Doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate it sometimes though. I tend to like the nonsexy fanservice stuff (like callbacks to older works and such) but maybe I’m just weird lol?


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