Anime Scared My Ex-Girlfriend. Seriously.

Note: If you can see the feature image, please ignore the apostrophe as it’s (unlike this word) not supposed to exist with how that word is being used. (DAMMIT, ALEX! ENOUGH ENGLISH BULLSHIT!)

Okay, okay…

I find this entire situation hilarious, but maybe that’s because it happened to me. Anyway, a few years ago (either 2014 or 2015), I got some huge posters of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin for all you romaji people) and decided to hang them in my bedroom because why not? I have three of them–at the time I had two in my bedroom and one in my living room–in total and I absolutely love them. While AoT has it’s problems, I got hooked on the action immediately back then, and picked the posters up as soon as I saw them.

Now, a little backstory for you all: This ex-girlfriend of mine hated, and I mean HATED anime–I literally can’t describe how much she didn’t like it. It was (in her words) childish, boring, pathetic, not for adults–so a repeat of childish?–and whatever else she could think of.

Granted, I will say she had never seen an anime in her life, so really she has no idea that they can be brutal, psychologically scarring, jarring, and whatever else anime can be (Future Diary, Elfen Lied, Akira, Danganronpa, and so many more)…

So, her idea?…. “Can you take them down?” she asked.

EXCUSE ME? They’re my posters. I like them. So no. “Why do you want me to take them down?” I asked.

“Their eyes freak me out. It’s like they’re staring at me when I’m sleeping; they’re piercing and dead look makes it hard to sleep,” she replied.

Queue my brain trying to figure that out. Posters. Staring. Inanimate object. But staring. At her. In her sleep.

HA! HAHAHA!!!!! AHAHAH!!!! At the time it was completely baffling, but now it’s just straight up funny. I can honestly say I’d never heard anyone say anything remotely close to that in my life until she did. Also, I’ve never heard it again since. It’s just…wow. I think it’s absolutely hilarious!

Here’s a pic of what the two posters have on them. The posters that were staring with their piercing, dead eyes:


I’m not intentionally trying to bash my ex, but this story is something that is going to stick with me forever. Especially since in the three years since we broke up I’ve had both of them hanging in the bedroom of whatever apartment I’m living in at the time.

Plus, if anyone was was going to attack, and these characters could come to life, I’m sure me and anyone else would be safe–it’s Levi and Mikasa (and Eren I guess) for heaven’s sake.


*Laughs for days*


Alex 🙂

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