How Not to Summon a Demon Lord–Episode 6 Review: Slaves, Family, and Magic Power

Alright!! Demon Lord episode six was, in many ways informative, and in other ways shunted under fan service. While it makes sense, I think the overall product had a little too much sexual innuendo and not enough of things “actually getting done.”

What we learn in this episode is that a slave caravan has arrived nearby, and that means Shera and Rem could potentially be freed from their mishap in episode one, where their enslavement ritual backfired and placed collars on them instead of Diablo! Hurray!!

But, there’s a problem… the collars are slightly different than the regular slave collars, and nobody’s even had to deal with a ritual backfiring, so there isn’t really any knowledge on how to release the spell once that’s happened. GREAT!!

Screenshot (29)
Medios your clothes bother me…

The owner of our slave caravan, The Beloved Traveler, Medios. From the little we get out of Medios during the scenes she’s in, I think this episode did a fantastic job adding her into the plot. She can sense magic power, and Diablo’s is something that she’s intrigued by upon first glance. Is this shocking? Not particularly, but the addition of this also adds to another character: Shera.

Shera could sense Diablo’s magic power, too…as well as Rem’s aura stuff. But, Shera didn’t say anything about it. She simply believed Rem to be a powerful adventurer, and since she knows Diablo is strong she didn’t say much about him either. What I enjoyed about this small back-and-forth was that it gave us some insight into Shera’s character, but didn’t hinder what we know about her–it made her more interesting, but kept her silly, aloof nature present.

After this little introductory period we get a split party, where Rem and Alicia head outside while Diablo and Shera stay in the tented area with Medios.

Now, I will say that I was more interested in the conversation Alicia and Rem had outside than what Diablo and Shera were doing inside because the latter two simply had a fan-service-y interaction. While Diablo was learning to see the magic flow inside Shera, it was concentrated in her left breast…which to me was a yawning point. Great…we got sexual. Awesome.

In all points of this portion I was a little unhinged considering the previous episodes were a little more serious in tone–whereas this episode had a serious background while being overshadowed by fan service. Case in point:

Gah!! Okay, Demon Lord, let’s get back to the seriousness.

Rem and Alicia have an interaction where Alicia draws a little something on Rem’s hand, I believe it was some spell (or something), and Rem’s body reacted to it by glowing red and there was some odd writing or magic thing wrapped around her. Odd…is Krebskulm reacting to what’s happening? I’m curious, and I hope they hit on this soon to be honest, because that seems like one of the major plot lines of the show.


Shera’s brother arrives!

Screenshot (15)
I don’t trust Keera one bit.

While Keera came under “good intentions,” I think from what we’ve learned about the show and its characters so far, it’s that we can’t trust the elves…at least not yet. This is the guy that was going to start a war for Shera! But now he’s content with having her do what she wants? Or…at least wants to be peaceful about taking her? HA!

As soon as I saw this guy I knew something was wrong. Nothing about his appearance seemed right to me. It wasn’t poorly timed by the show, it’s just that I think it was obvious to viewers that he was coming under false intentions…

Screenshot (16)
Good guy Diablo. Beat his ass!!…or…something

While Diablo defended Shera, I think he was more showing a sense of dominance over Keera than actually defending Shera. I think he wanted to show Keera that if he messed with Diablo’s “property” or whatever we want to call Rem and Shera, that there’d be hell to pay. And I for one am willing to bet on Diablo in that situation. He’s just so immensely powerful I don’t know what can beat him.

Screenshot (17)
Wonderful Rem!!

Rem also got into the spat with Keera and reinforced that they couldn’t trust anything he was saying because they had no information on him or his forces, the royal family he and Shera are from, and the fact that they were just about to wage war to get her back… Tricks aren’t going to work on these two (or three?), Prince Keera–please move along. Go do something else.

I don’t like Keera’s character at all. And it’s not just because we’ve known him to be a bad person–like placing a bounty on his sister–but because we can’t trust him at all. There’s a fake aspect to him that seems to be overriding everything else about him. Perhaps if we had more information on him I’d feel different about his character, but for right now I’m at a spot where I don’t want to believe anything he says. I’ll believe the characters we know and have learned about, thank you very much.

Once Keera leaves we have a nighttime scene with Rem and Shera which, in all honesty, I thought was pretty cute. Shera was peppy and Rem was open to many options. Rem, though, was also afraid because of her connection to Krebskulm and how that would affect Shera’s dream of opening a cafe, but regardless of that I thought it was a nice point of the episode. We got information, and we had a connection between the two girls.

See? They’re friends! And it’s adorable!

Screenshot (19)
This reminds me of Restaurant to Another World…I bet the food isn’t as good, though

Here’s some more!! Okay, yest it gets a little odd with the sexual tail touching thing, but that’s really just one of those fantasy anime tropes with cat-girls…we can’t escape that–like ever (at least in my head).

After this, where we find out that Diablo was actually awake and heard everything, we cut back to Keera… That sadistic, controlling fuck…

KEERA IS A BAD PERSON!!! His character doesn’t need any more growth than what we’ve already established, because what we’ve established is that he can’t be trusted right now. And the episode delivers this to us with a completely messed up scenario…

However!! This still fits into Keera’s character and really drives home that he’s a terrible person. Bad guy gets the bad guy rap, but it’s true so how much harm does our learning it do? In my eyes, not much. We got a motive, and now we just have to wait and see what will happen with Keera’s motive.

Screenshot (27)

Yeah….so that happened. I just…I don’t know what to say about that picture. I just…wow. Keera is insane. He’s power-hungry, he’s sadistic, he’s controlling (I’m repeating myself), and he’s just…an overall horrible guy.


In this episode we got some more fan service, which I sort of expected after seeing the preview after episode 5, but what I didn’t expect was to see Keera’s madness. I believe this episode did a fairly decent job in setting us up for what may happen in the future, but in another sense it didn’t get us anywhere based on the first half of the episode. We learned that getting the enslavement collars off is going to be very taxing on Diablo, and we got a crazy brother in Prince Keera. I’m more concerned with what Keera’s going to do to his sister, and to Rem if he finds out Krebskulm resides within her, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see if any of that comes to fruition in the weeks to come.


That’s all from me on Demon Lord episode 6!!

Thanks for reading!

Alexie 🙂


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