The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar–Episode 6 Review: Hot Spring, Technology, and Machiavelli

I’m not 100% sure where to start my review of this episode to be honest. While we were getting places in episode five and progressing our story along, it seems like this episode suffered from almost a complete lack of plot until the very end.

However, we did get some good technological advancements and underneath the overarching aspect of the episode we got information, so I guess it did some sort of good for the viewers?

We started with Yuuto and Ingrid making glass cups…which is cool and all, because glass hasn’t really been “invented” yet, at least not for what Yuuto wants it to be used for. So, that’s cool, because it’ll give the Wolf Clan another source of income. After this, we get a meeting with Yuuto, the harem, and one of his other trusted advisers, who all agree that he should take some time off–he should let others contribute to running the country in preparation for when he leaves…you know, for Japan. But who’s to say they’ll remain at peace once he leaves? Hmm…good question, Yuuto. I actually wonder that, too.

Oh, and at the thought of this free, relaxing day….we get a fiery harem….

Screenshot (86)
They look so evil!!

Anyway, now we transition into the stereotypical harem-esque spa/beach episode where the main character is almost guaranteed to feel awkward while the women frolic around with no care in the world. I can pretty much sum this third of the episode up with pictures…so here it is:

AND THAT’S IT! That’s the episode!! Ha-ha…ha…just kidding. But in all honesty after we got a semi-serious look into the workings of the country–where we were actually told that Yuuto was doing almost 100% of the work and his advisers agreed he needed a day off, we got this spa episode. Sure, it should have been easy to spot, but I think it just took away from what we’ve been dealing with in a way that almost made it as if the battle he just won, the technology he just made, and whatever else didn’t even happen.

And I can’t tell if that’s a plus or a minus for the episode and show as a whole…I just don’t know what to think of this episode.


However! Do you remember that little girl and mother who Yuuto rescued from the streets? Well, the little girl’s name is Effy…and Effy can read!

Yep! So this prompts Yuuto to start thinking, and he decides that mandatory education is going to ensure the prosperity of his people when he leaves. He believes that in doing so they’ll be able to continue advancing technologically, they’ll grow their literacy rate, and they’ll be able to have an even bigger economy than they currently have.

I actually like this idea, and I think that it will add a sense of accomplishment to the story because from what we’ve gotten in these six episodes, it seems like Yuuto is trying to get home, but not preparing any of his countrymen to take lead once he is gone. Now, we can actually see some sort of endgame plan he has in mind, and that’s a good thing.

He even quotes Niccolo Machiavelli!! (I think he actually did it twice, using “The Prince” at least once, but don’t take me at my word for that, please–it’s bee a while since I’ve Machiavelli so I might be mistaken)

Anyway yeah…and uh…he has a quote on his smartphone, so that’s still a thing I guess.

Speaking of smartphones, there was a very brief, overshadowed part where Yuuto was talking to his sister, but I don’t know what that was about…I didn’t really pay attention to it. Maybe it was about going home or not going home, I don’t know. Either way it was a distraction to be honest. It’s not relevant to the inner workings of this episode so why include it? That doesn’t make sense to me.

That’s about it on this episode for me! There was an odd flashback to end the episode, and I’m not sure how it all fits into the story to be honest, but maybe it has to deal exclusively with Yuuto, and I’m sort of curious…but just barely.

Honestly I’ve been hanging onto this show because it’s not so awful that it makes me extremely annoyed while watching, but it’s also not so amazing that I’m telling my friends about it so they pick it up and start watching. It’s sort of just….there I guess. It’s enjoyable, and the references to real people are interesting to me, but there’s not much else keeping me hooked.

That being said, I’ll tune in next week, too, because why not?


Thanks for reading!

Alexie 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar–Episode 6 Review: Hot Spring, Technology, and Machiavelli

  1. That’s probably where I am with this. I don’t like it all that much, but I don’t really dislike it either. There are some potentially interesting plot points, but this episode had a lot of time spent at the hot spring. It’s all just kind of there and while I don’t intend on dropping it, nor am I going to tell anyone it is something that they should start watching.

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    1. If they could wrap up some of the minor points instead of letting them hang in the abyss and focus on the over-arching idea of whatever his goal currently is I’d be happy.

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