It’s My Blog’s Birthday?

Okay, I found this out no more than an hour ago, but apparently I’ve been part of the WordPress community for three years!! No, I don’t remember making this blog, I don’t even remember posting anything until this summer when I started doing episodic anime reviews, but the WordPress gods don’t lie.

It’s my blog’s birthday!! And I’m actually hyped about it! While I know I haven’t done much on it, and I’ve had some hiatuses and whatnot, I’m still happy. I’m happy that there are people who’ve stuck with me, people who seem to enjoy what I post, and whatever other corny shit I could say about loving my very small following here.


Anyway, that’s it! I’m just super happy and in the fashion of my house I wish to raise a glass (or, in my case, a can of Busch Light–don’t ask) to you followers who read my posts and support me! Cheers and thank you!!


Thanks for reading!

Alexie πŸ™‚

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