Exciting News! Two Things Are Happening!

Okay, this is going to be a dual post! The first part: my usual Fantastic Females Friday; However, I won’t be going into any detail about an anime character this week. No, today, I’m going to say something about a real-world female who is super amazing and awesome and a joy on social media: Ayano Kitsune!!! The second part: An announcement for March 1st-10th! Let’s get into this!

Yes! Ayano is absolutely amazing and wonderful in every way possible! She’s outgoing and funny and interactive with her followers. Honestly, she’s an all-around great person. And she’s put out some really great projects and collaborations! So, honestly, everyone should just go check out her website here and follow her on twitter if you don’t (which is here.) Recently Ayano and I had talked about doing a collaboration post, and we finally got around to doing it!

With that said, check out her website tomorrow for that! I don’t know the exact time it’ll be posted, but it’ll be on her blog! I had a lot of fun going through ideas and talking about what we might do, and reading her own part of the collab was a real treat! She had great things to say about her own portions and I was very excited while adding my own!

So, even though I’ve said this already, go follow her blog and follow her on Twitter and be part of the amazingness in the world that is Ayano! She’s a blast! (I know amazingness isn’t a word, but that’s how it is…)


Now, part two!

I’m going to Dallas, Texas for ten days at the beginning of March! It’s going to be an amazing time and my friends and I are staying at a fantastic looking house we chose through Airbnb. I’m not entirely sure if I’ll have any content coming through those days, but I’ll do my best. Hopefully I’ll have the energy to draft posts and schedule them for those days. If I don’t have the energy I’ll be bringing my computer south with me, so I hope I’ll have some time to write at least a few posts up. Don’t get your hopes up, though…Sorry! I might have a ten day break coming for that time period. I’ll do my best, wordpress family!


Anyway, that’s about all I have for today! It’s not much, but it’s something!


Thanks for reading!

Alexie 🙂

9 thoughts on “Exciting News! Two Things Are Happening!

    1. I will, thank you! I’ve always wanted to go to Seattle, heard it’s kind of nice. And I want to go to Canada again…only next time I’ll go to a major city. I’ve heard good things!

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      1. Seattle is very nice, but if you don’t care for rain, that could be a drawback. It rains often and usually without warning lol.


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